New Zealand Minister Slammed After Blaming ‘White Cis Men’ For Violence

New Zealand’s so-called “violence prevention minister” is taking heat after saying it’s “white cis men who cause violence in the world.”

Marama Davidson said ‘white cis men’ cause violence. Picture: Hagen Hopkins/Getty

For those who aren’t up on the thesaurus of gender identity politics, ‘cis’ is short for ‘cisgender’ – or people whose ‘gender identity matches their sex assigned at birth’ – or 99% of the population.

Minister Marama Davidson is refusing to publicly apologize for her comments, which have received at least 90 complaints. She has allegedly apologized in private to Prime Minister Chris Hipkins, according to

“Trans people are tired of being oppressed and discriminated,” Davidson told a reporter for Counterspin. “I am a prevention violence minister and I know who causes violence in the world, it is white cis men. That is white cis men who cause violence in the world.”

 And while not apologizing, Davidson ‘clarified’ her comments, saying: “I have clarified what I intended to say and particularly affirm and acknowledge victims and survivors who may not have seen themselves in my comments and wanted to make sure I affirm their experiences.”

When asked if she would apologise to people who felt offended, as the National Party has called for, Ms Davidson repeated she had “made things clearer in my public statement”.

“I acknowledge that I should have been clearer in my words. I normally take incredible care. I understand the importance of my language in my work,” Ms Davidson said.

“This is how much focus I normally take in the language that I use, which is why I have clarified it in my public statement.”

We get it Marama, you hate white people.

Hipkins, meanwhile, cut her some slack over the ‘cis white men’ comment.

“She already contacted my office yesterday saying the video did not convey the message she wanted to convey,” he said. “Her office contacted mine. I think clearly words that she ended up using were not the message she was trying to convey.”

Hipkins did say that the comment was not “particularly helpful” and that she shouldn’t have included ethnicity.


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