Synopsys Intros AI-Powered EDA Suite To Accelerate Chip Design and Cut Costs – Slashdot

Synopsys has introduced the industry’s first full-stack AI-powered suite of electronic design automation tools that covers all stages of chip design, from architecture to design and implementation to manufacturing. From a report: The suite promises to radically reduce development time, lower costs, improve yields, and enhance performance. The set of tools is set to be extremely useful for chips set to be made on leading-edge nodes, such as 5nm, 3nm, 2nm-class, and beyond. As chips gain complexity and adopt newer process technologies, their design and manufacturing costs escalate to unprecedented levels. Designing a reasonably complex 7 nm chip costs about $300 million (including ~ 40% for software). In contrast, the design cost of an advanced 5 nm processor exceeds $540 million (including software), according to International Business Strategies (IBS) estimates. At 3 nm, a complex GPU will cost about $1.5 billion to develop, including circa 40% for software.

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