Sonic’s dead in Sega’s new game The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog

Sega confirmed the death of Sonic the Hedgehog on Friday. “He’s dead,” Sega said, in the announcement trailer for The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog, a brand-new, official, and, most importantly, free murder mystery game available now on Steam.

The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is a point-and-click adventure/visual novel. The setting? A train named the Mirage Express. The occasion? Amy Rose’s birthday, and a murder mystery party where Sonic is the victim. Taking on the role of an original character, players must interrogate suspects like Knuckles the Echidna, Rouge the Bat, Shadow the Hedgehog, Espio the Chameleon, and Sonic’s other supposed friends to uncover the anthropomorphic antagonist responsible. (Players will also enjoy isometric platforming minigames, apparently, based on the above trailer.)

Sega notes that The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is not canon, which could give the company an out for explaining that Sonic the Hedgehog is actually very much alive and will star in future video games, movies, animated series, and fan fics, without diminishing the impact of the character’s very real death.

The Murder of Sonic the Hedgehog is available for Mac and Windows PC.

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