Biden Executive Order Bans Federal Agencies From Using Commercial Spyware – Slashdot

The Biden administration on Monday announced a new executive order that would broadly ban U.S. federal agencies from using commercially developed spyware that poses threats to human rights and national security. From a report: The move to ban federal agencies — including law enforcement, defense and intelligence — from using commercial spyware comes as officials confirmed that dozens of U.S. government personnel had their phones targeted. Human rights defenders and security researchers have for years warned of the risks posed by commercial spyware, created in the private sector and sold almost exclusively to governments and nation states. […] In a call with reporters ahead of the order’s signing, Biden administration officials said that the United States was trying to get ahead of the problem and set standards for other governments and its allies, which buy and deploy commercial spyware. The order is the latest action taken by the government in recent years, including banning some spyware makers from doing business in the U.S. and passing laws aimed at limiting the use and procurement of spyware by federal agencies.

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