Arbitrum AirDrop Goes Live-This is How You Can Claim the ARB AirDrop

The Arbitrum’s native token, ARB, goes live on several exchanges while the users face issues claiming the tokens, as seen before during the Optimism airdrop. The popular layer-2 solution for Ethereum has begun its transition into decentralization and transformation into a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), enabling the holders to be a part of the development process of the network. 

The airdrop goes live in the times when the Bitcoin price and the crypto markets have benefitted from the recent bank crisis and the recent hike in the interest rate of about 25 bps also has impacted the markets to a larger extent. Moreover, the altcoins also appear to have prepared for a significant rally and hence ARB price is believed to get benefitted to a large extent ahead. 

The Arbitrum Aridrop-How to Claim?

The long-awaited airdrop finally hit the floors, a few moments back, decentralization and effective governance being the main aim. The users who are eligible can claim their tokens until September 23, 2023. Moreover, the Arbitrum One chain is believed to go live on reaching block 16890400 which is almost a few hours away from now. 

Some of the users may face some issues while claiming the airdrop, that occurred previously with Optimism. However, many crypto influencers and analysts, have noted down a step-by-step procedure to claim ARB.

According to the influencer, here are the steps to be followed to claim ARB without any hazel,

  • Set up your own custom RPC endpoint to eliminate the network stress 
  • Pre-approve the smart contract and take advantage of the faster process of enabling ARB to trade on the exchanges
  • Send some advance ETH to Arbitrum to cover the gas fees when claiming 
  • When asked for the preferred platform to trade, select from the wide options of CEX and DEX
  • Allow only the ARB liquidity provision (LP) and not risk your main funds but on the airdrop funds
  • Claiming on the Arbitrum One chain will begin when the Ethereum chain reaches block 16890400, while the users can still claim until September 23, 2023.

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