Why Meme Coins Like Big Eyes Coin, Dogecoin And Shiba Inu Could Be The Best Altcoins To Buy In 2023

The rise of meme coins within the crypto market has been a remarkable and unforeseen change to the crypto landscape. Dogecoin (DOGE) led the way and others swiftly followed, with many regarding Shiba Inu as its closest challenger. These two altcoins have swiftly established themselves as some of the best alternative digital assets to acquire over the years. Now, the meme coin terrain is seeing the emergence of a new crypto. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is currently enjoying the hottest crypto presale of recent times and could be a massive success upon going live on the crypto exchanges later this year.

Big Eyes

The BIG Token Is An Unmissable Crypto In 2023

Meme coins have introduced humour to cryptocurrency through an ability to utilise the popularity of the growing internet meme culture to connect with the market. This has often resulted in meme coins having crypto communities with strong bonds. Big Eyes Coin has mastered this sublimely as it has proven to be a success with investors. The DeFi coin has been trading remarkably well as it entered Stage 12 of its presales having surpassed $31m in sales. With a target of $50m before it goes live, this new meme coin is establishing itself very well.

At the heart of this success is its emphasis on community. Whether it’s through designing its decentralised ecosystem to integrate BIG holders into the decision-making process or friendly competitions on Twitter, Big Eyes Coin has sought to foster a strong sense of community and common purpose among its members to drive the platform forward.

The recent launch of its loot boxes is an example of this community-rooted thinking. It has offered four loot boxes: the Cute Box which offers a maximum reward of $100, and the Kitty Vault which offers a maximum of $25k in BIG tokens. Then comes the Super Saiyan Box which allows you to possibly earn a max total from its box of up to $100k in tokens. The final box is the Excali-Paw Master Chest which offers an astonishing $1m in BIG tokens.

The unique selling point of these loot boxes that make them unmissable opportunities is that they have been structured to prevent buyers from suffering losses. The cost of each box is the same as the smallest reward found in each one, meaning you either earn in tokens exactly what you paid or, with a stronger probability, you earn something significantly more. This means investors do not have to worry about making a loss on a purchase and should feel confident about buying BIG tokens through the loot boxes.

Dogecoin Paved The Way For Meme Coins Back In 2013

The crypto that started the meme coin business was Dogecoin. It’s almost funny that it started as a joke and now it’s worth billions of dollars and is advocated by numerous high-profile individuals. Like the meme coins that have followed it, Dogecoin is sustained by a strong community of followers that have enabled it to endure bearish slumps.


Dogecoin’s notable source of strength – and a potential vulnerability – is its most notable advocate, Elon Musk. The new owner of Twitter has regularly endorsed the oldest meme coin, often leading to significant price spikes. Many believe that should Musk possibly integrate Dogecoin into some form of payment system on Twitter, it could entirely reshape Dogecoin’s fortunes through another snowballing price hike. At the same time, such a strong connection to Musk brings with it a vulnerability too. Musk’s recent tweet claiming his interest in crypto had been replaced by AI resulted in Dogecoin’s prices slumping heavily.

Shiba Inu Is Set For Big Things With Beta Launch Of Its Shibarium

A beta version of Shiba Inu’s much-anticipated Shibarium has gone live, prompting excitement amongst its supporters.

Shibarium is a layer-2 blockchain solution that will help Shiba Inu reduce dependency on Ethereum, the blockchain upon which SHIB transactions occur. Shibarium won’t replace Ethereum but will run atop of it and take control of a large portion of the transactions. Shibarium supporters hope that this will result in the growth of the SHIB ecosystem which many feel has been hindered by existing issues concerning the Ethereum blockchain.

If you are interested in finding out more about Big Eyes Coin then visit the links below!

Website: https://bigeyes.space/

Telegram: https://t.me/BIGEYESOFFICIAL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BigEyesCoin

Big Eyes

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