Top 10 Disruptive Blockchain Games You Should Know in 2023

The top 10 disruptive blockchain games you should know in 2023 are enlisted in this article

The blockchain industry is growing exponentially, so much so that it is valued in billions of dollars. It is no longer a surprise that these blockchain games have become some of the highest gainers in the expanding Web3 universe. If you are an investor who is looking forward to making a good return or is a gamer looking to earn a crypto income while playing games online, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will take you through the top 10 disruptive blockchain games you should know in 2023. Have a look!

Gods Unchained

This is one of the most well-known NFT trading games in the entire metaverse industry. This game not only provides players with fantastic play-to-earn features but is free to play as well. Can it get any better? Hence, this becomes a perfect place to start as a beginner as you get to learn about metaverse gaming in detail.

This game is a perfect representation of new-generation blockchain games. The game is designed with a joyful and lasting user experience in mind. Have you ever thought of establishing your startup? With Bluelight, that’s no longer a distant dream as you can create the company of your dreams, accomplish hundreds of projects, earn tons of money, and become famous all over the Metaverse!


Yet another popular online blockchain gaming and real-world simulation platform for PC and Mac users is Illuvium. In this game, the users get to play the Ethereum-based sci-fi adventure game that lets them explore seven alien settings. The goal of the game is quite simple – to gather NFT monsters and engage in combat with other players to earn prizes.

Alien Worlds

How about an NFT game that hosts more than a million players? Well, that’s what Alien Worlds has in store for you. As you play, you can earn Trilium ($TLM). Trillium allows you to unlock more gaming modes and take control of Planet DAOs. Also, what’s worth a mention is the fact that Alien Worlds invites gamers to take part in council candidate elections or run for the planetary council and mimics economic competitiveness.

Axie Infinity

All the gamers out there know for a fact that this is one of the most sought-after games and has been around for a while. This continues to be one of the best blockchain games to make money right now. It is an online gaming platform that paves a way for players to buy, battle and raise fantasy creatures called Axies. Axies are digital pet collectibles and are built using an articulated system made of parts that users can mix and match.


Tamadoge is an exclusive blockchain game that’s derived from a high-potential meme project. Here, the players get $TAMA tokens in the primary game, which is modeled after Tamagotchi, by taking care of, feeding, and exercising their pets. Based on how well they brought their virtual pets to adulthood, the participants are awarded $TAMA tokens.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is a multi-player Metaverse that is built on the Solana blockchain and has capitalized on its reputation as a long-term cryptocurrency project to invest in. The MUD Territory, the ONI Region, and the Ustur Sector have combined their factions in this well-known play-to-earn cryptocurrency game, the action of which is set in the year 2620.

RobotEra ($TARO)

This is yet another promising new play-to-earn crypto game that cannot go unnoticed. The virtual world of RobotEra is divided up into many regions known as continents. Wondering how the game goes about? Well, the users that own a RobotEra avatar NFT can purchase and erect structures on these lots of land, as well as complete play-to-earn activities with a comparable scope to The Sandbox.

The Walking Dead: Empires

 Amidst all the multiplayer games, this one has got everything sufficient to charm you. The game is based on the universe of the popular TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. Here, the players may work together to survive by fending off walkers, challenging rivals, constructing new dwellings, and foraging for resources. On the same lines as the series plot, here, the players have the option of establishing their authority and leading a group of allies or swearing loyalty to a more powerful person.


This blockchain game has emerged to become one of the top NFT collecting games in 2023 in no time. What’s interesting to note here is that the players can own their cards and other in-game items, as well as trade, engage in combat and get prizes thanks to Web3.0 technology.

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