Meme Cryptocurrencies Have Serious Potential: Why Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Big Eyes Coin are More Than Just a Joke

When meme cryptocurrencies hit the market first, no one quite knew what to make of them. Fast forward to today, and meme coins are continuing to prove that they are more than just a joke and, instead, have real potential. As the original meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE) set the trend, and Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) soon followed. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is the newest meme coin that’s aiming to be bigger and better than the meme coins currently on the crypto market. BIG is already showing serious potential and has already raised a historic $31.61 million in presale. Meme coins are at the forefront of new and exciting developments and have shown that they are great digital assets to hold. Read on to find out what makes meme coins so special.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Dogecoin: The Start of the Meme Coin Revolution

Dogecoin was the first ever meme crypto to join the crypto market. The coin grew to be a massive success due to its loyal community on social media. Dogecoin was created as a coin to parody Bitcoin (BTC) but also to bring crypto to the masses. The coin was based on the popular doge meme, which featured a Shiba Inu dog giving a side eye paired with sarcastic comments. This gave meme lovers on social media a coin to rally behind.


The coin now has real-world utility and consistently ranks among the top altcoins in the market. Dogecoin is popular as it has quick and cheap transactions. DOGE also has no maximum supply, and new blocks of 10,000 DOGE are created every minute.

Shiba Inu: A Coin to Rival Doge

Dogecoin has inspired a surge of meme coins, many featuring a similar Doge mascot. Its main rival is Shiba Inu Coin which emerged onto the market as the “dogecoin killer”. While the coin has not managed to achieve quite the same amount of success as Dogecoin, it is Doge’s main competitor.

Shiba also has a lot to offer investors. For example, on the Shiba Inu platform, you can purchase unique NFTs called Shiboshis. Each of the NFTs has individual personalities and traits and can be used during gameplay on the Shiba Eternity Game.

Big Eyes Coin: Big Plans and a Bright Future

Big Eyes Coin is a new meme coin that’s making a BIG impression in the meme coin category. The coin is currently enjoying one of the biggest presales in crypto history and has plans to make it to the top once the coin officially launches.

Following in the footsteps of other meme coins, Big Eyes sees the true value of crypto in the community. Everything in the Big Eyes plan is centred around the community, and everything in the ecosystem is designed to self-propagate wealth for the community.

One of the ways that they plan to add value to the coin and to the community is through an NFT collection. Big Eyes aims to have a top 10 NFT project, and these NFTs will hold access to content and events for the community. Early investors who bought in stages 1-3 of the presale will be whitelisted to mint NFTs for free!

Big Eyes Coin is also offering its biggest offer code so far. For a very limited time, when investors spend over $100 on Big Eyes tokens, they can use the vault code ‘300’ to three Big Eyes loot boxes for free.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Big eyes has a bright future ahead and is already rolling out great rewards for the community. With plans to become a top meme cryptocurrency when it launches, Big Eyes is proving that meme coins are not just a joke but have serious potential.

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