Is Amazon Building a New AI-Powered Web Browser? – Slashdot

Gizmodo reports that Amazon “is thinking about releasing a web browser, a boring-sounding project that could have massive implications.”

The company has sent a survey to users asking detailed questions, including which features would “convince you to download and try” a “new desktop/laptop browser from Amazon….”

The survey asked a variety of questions. Most telling was the last question: “Imagine that there is a new desktop/laptop browser from Amazon available to do. Select which of the following you would most like to know more about.” The survey went on to list topics such as privacy, syncing passwords across devices, and shopping features…. Users were asked to rate the importance of features including text to speech, extensions, the availability to sync data across desktop and mobile devices, and — notably — blocking third party cookies.

Amazon seems to be seriously considering a web browser of its own, and it comes at a time when it would have an unusual impact on the advertising business. The ad industry is bracing for cataclysmic change as Google moves closer to killing third-party cookies in Chrome, the world’s most popular web browser, which would kneecap one of the primary ways businesses track consumers for ads…. Part of what makes Amazon so attractive to marketers is the fact that the company sits on a treasure trove of data about what consumers are buying and what their shopping habits are like. If Amazon could match that information with the data collection that comes from a web browser, it could tip the scales of internet advertising in favor of the retail giant.
One thing Amazon asked users is whethered they’d be convinced to download and try a browser if it offered “AI-enabled tab, history, and bookmarks management to automatically sort these into categories for quick search and retrieval.”

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