Livestreaming Now: Free Software Foundation’s ‘LibrePlanet’ Conference – Slashdot

Slashdot reader DevNull127 writes: It’s happening now — and you can watch it live online.

Saturday is the beginning of the fifteenth edition of the Free Software Foundation’s conference on ethical technology and user freedom. And they’re livestreaming the talks — with three different livestreams available online from the conference’s Jupiter Room, Saturn Room, and Neptune Room.

This year’s theme is “Charting the Course” — here’s a complete schedule of the talks. Topics will include freedom hardware, free software for non-developers, free licensing of trademarks, Emacs for P2P deliberation, free software boot, DIY browsers, free/libre payment systems, “the future of the right to repair and free software”, and a talk on Sunday titled “It’s time to jailbreak the farm.”

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