How Are Hackers Putting Ethereum and Bitcoin’s New Gains At Risk? It’s Time You Safeguard Your Tokens in

Crypto markets have surged over the past couple of days as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) have reaped the benefits as banks close in the U.S. With over $300 million in liquidations over the past 24 hours, maybe its time people started to save their coins in If you save when the goings are great, you’ll be thankful when this volatile industry swings into a bear market.

This article will discuss how hackers thieve your crypto tokens and how Ethereum and Bitcoin have been enjoying increased positive exchange activity. This article will also cover the new token vault on the market –, an intelligent way to ensure you don’t spend your new tokens on a moment of whimsy.

How Will The Hackers Get You?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been receiving a few dubious calls requesting personal information or links sent to my email or phone that scream – “click at your peril”. Crypto hackers are slightly more advanced than your average scammer. Firstly they will offer you a crypto giveaway, enticing you with endless risky links to click that will put your security at risk. If you receive a message with time-pressure promises and ‘significant gains’, beware; you don’t want to end up like some businesses who have paid a ransom to regain access to their important files.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Riding High

If you can cast your mind back to 2008, a pseudonymous innovator named Satoshi Nakamoto put forth a white paper about a new digital money concept called Bitcoin. Some laughed and ignored it, but many people invested in this new form of decentralized finance (DeFi). Now the key to the success of the DeFi market is to have secure peer-to-peer transactions; as we know, security risks can vary.

Bitcoin And Ethereum Predictions As The Market Turns Upwards

So If Bitcoin (BTC) is professed to be the digital future of currency, then where does Ethereum sit in all of this? Although Ethereum native coin is very successful, its main driving force is the ability to utilize a decentralized blockchain network that enables users to make transactions.

While writing this article, ETH and BTC have dipped slightly since Bitcoin and Ethereum surged to $26,000 and $1,77, respectively, in a day. However, gains from the past week have seen Bitcoin rise by 10.15% and Ethereum by 5.25%. There are further suggestions that slowing interest rates may also positively affect crypto profits. With all these tokens flying around, being more cautious with your money is wise. Helping Investors Rest Easy

This week the profits are up; when you wake up on Monday next week, it may be a different story. Who knows what hacking scandal, governmental legislation or regulatory scrutiny will cause the market to go into freefall again? Not to be pessimistic, but there does need to be a subtle approach when dealing with investing, and that’s where comes in.


My grandmother used to store her money in a deposit box under her bed, and she never borrowed a penny. The reason my Granny always had cash isn’t just because she knew how to keep her money safe; it’s the fact that she knew when not to spend it. aims to help those who cannot help themselves by placing their tokens in a vault for a designated timeframe.

If you’re wondering how safe your tokens will be during crypto hacking, offers advanced crypto-security with enhanced industry-standard security encryption. have also supplied an easy-to-use step-by-step guide on its website in case you need a helping hand.

Final Thoughts

2023 has been a volatile year for investors and crypto projects, with various factors creating surges and downturns from week to week. It’s not just hackers that cryptocurrency organizations are worried about; it’s regulation and investor skittishness. Imagine putting your money in and letting the worries fade for a while.

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