Cardano, Theta Network, and Dogetti: Top Investments During the Bull Run

The much anticipated bullish trend is here, and most tokens have spiked considerably in the past few weeks as they recover from the effects of 2022. For now, the DeFi space will be quite unclear as to the best choices for long-term investment, so we have compiled a short review featuring the latest memecoin update, Dogetti (DETI), and veteran platforms Cardano (ADA) and Theta Network (THETA). Read on to find out why they might be the best picks for a bull-year investment.

Cardano–Revolutionary Blockchain Model

Cardano’s launch represented a revolutionary trend in the cryptocurrency market, as the token introduced a novel blockchain arrangement that ensures scalability and high performance for users. It has since been regarded as one of the fastest networks in the crypto space, with a market capitalization to match its demand.

Cardano (ADA) exists on an independent blockchain model and operates a specialized proof of stake protocol called Ouroboros. Ouroboros helps the network maintain low energy requirements, which is great for the ecosystem and reduces the gas fees charged per transaction. In addition, Ouroboros works closely with the blockchain layers to improve the network’s speed.

Cardano’s blockchain exists in two layers, each tasked with an aspect of blockchain operation. The layers include a settlement layer, which handles the balancing of user accounts and ledgers after transactions, and a computing layer that coordinates block processing and ensures quick responses to transactions. The two layers are designed to divide the transaction processing tasks to achieve high-speed performances.

Cardano (ADA) hosts a Metaverse ecosystem, Pavia, where users order land spaces and build on them using NFTs. They halted the pre-orders on the Metaverse for most of 2022, although operations are back up on it now.

ADA tokens are the official currency on Cardano, and they sell for $0.38 on Coinbase.

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Theta Network–Enhanced Video Quality on DeFi

Theta Network (THETA) is a blockchain solution that addresses video quality using DeFi principles. The platform aims to provide a wider bandwidth with every user who can stream and share videos at high graphics quality.

Theta Network (THETA) runs on a modified proof of stake protocol called the Byzantine Fault Tolerance protocol. The BFT is unique because it supports fast networks due to its small group of validators. Compared with the regular stake protocol, BFT validators are few, thus hastening the validation process and reducing the time spent processing transactions.

thete network

Theta Network (THETA) launched on the Ethereum network in 2017, following its successful presale, and got to high ranks in the cryptocurrency market by leveraging Ethereum’s DApps. By 2019, the network moved to its blockchain, although it still uses the Ethereum blockchain to promote its blockchain services. The Edgecast application is one of the most frequently used features on Theta as it helps users share their spare bandwidths and improve video quality on the network.

THETA and TFUEL tokens run Theta’s economy, functioning as governance and fuel tokens, respectively. THETA tokens are the tradable equivalents and are listed on Coinbase for $1.25.

Dogetti–New Meme Project with Profitable Features

Dogetti (DETI) will be a profitable option for memecoin traders in the coming weeks as the token looks to compete with the top guns of the cryptocurrency market with its hybrid protocol. The developers have also started the presale event, and here are the reasons you should join it.

The Dogetti (DETI) platform will feature an exchange platform, an NFT club, and a DAO community structure. The three features are designed to encourage user participation on the platform while ensuring that the platform remains relevant within the cryptocurrency market. For example, the exchange system, DogettiSwap, will aid coin swapping on the Ethereum network, giving traders a convenient option at lower rates than other counterpart exchanges. DogettiSwap will also increase demand for the DETI tokens since they will be the fuel tokens on the exchange, thus boosting their cryptocurrency prices.

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Dogetti (DETI) NFTs will also improve the project’s influence within the crypto space, as the developers stated that the platform-generated NFTs would be able to grow and breed with future upgrades. This bodes well for users, as their NFTs’ multiplication will increase their assets on the platform.

Get your crypto experience underway today by joining the Dogetti (DETI) presale. Click here to access the presale page.

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