Save 22% on a lamp that floats and charges 4 devices

TL;DR: As of March 12, you can snag the Magic Floating Lamp(Opens in a new tab) and wireless charger for just $38.99 instead of $49.99. That’s 22% in savings.

If you’re looking for a statement piece(Opens in a new tab) that doubles as a functional part of your home or office decor, a lamp may be the way to go. That might not seem like the brightest idea at first, but wait until you see the Magic Floating Lamp that seemingly defies gravity while also providing soft, pleasant illumination for your space. Light up a room or delight your guests with this fascinating piece of multi-functional furniture, but first, you have to get it for $38.99 (Reg. $49). 

It’s time to try defying gravity 

The Magic Floating Lamp may not actually be magic, but it really does float. A clever system of built-in magnets pushes half of the lamp into the air while the cables power the bright LED and keep it from flying off. If you want a little more down-to-earth lighting, it only takes a moment to fold it back up.

Use the touch switch in the base of the lamp to dim the lights as needed. On max settings, this lamp can produce up to 4W of power, around 220+ lumens(Opens in a new tab) of illumination. And those LED bulbs should last a good long time, too. On average, LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours(Opens in a new tab).

Flying isn’t the only thing this lamp can pull off. The platform in the center of the base doubles as a 10W wireless charger for compatible devices. If you have more devices that need a refill, hook them up to either of the USB ports or take advantage of the extra USB-C connection. If you’re taking the show on the road, you can even detach the modular wireless charging pad(Opens in a new tab) and connect it to a power cable for a portable wireless charger. 

$39 gets you a flying lamp that charges your phone

Whether you’re looking for a flashy statement piece for the office or a space-saving nightstand companion at home, get the Magic Floating Lamp and wireless charger(Opens in a new tab) while it’s on sale for just $38.99 (reg. $49). 

Prices subject to change.

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