Wyze Security Cameras Will Go Offline Tonight For Two Hours – Slashdot

If you have Wyze cameras or a Wyze home security system, you will need to make other arrangements to monitor your property from 12AM PT to 2AM PT tomorrow morning. The Verge reports: The smart home company sent an email to its customers this week stating that system maintenance on February 8th at 12AM PT will impact every feature of the system that relies on the app or website. That includes being able to alert Noonlight, the professional monitoring company Wyze uses for its Sense security system, about a potential break-in. Not only will your security system be down, but if you use Wyze cameras to keep an eye on things going bump in the night, you’ll have to stay awake. Wyze cameras won’t be able to upload any video to the cloud or send alerts for motion or other events to the app.

While it’s a good thing that Wyze is giving customers a heads-up, the flip side is that everyone is getting a heads-up. It’s posting a sign that any location using this equipment will be unprotected between these hours, with basically no notice to create a backup plan or take other precautions, depending on your security concerns. It’s also worrisome that the professional security customers have paid for and rely on can be completely disabled for “maintenance.”

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