Top 5 Competitors of ChatGPT

No wonder we have competitors to internet’s favourite ChatGPT


The Open Pretrained Transformer, or OPT, is Meta’s take on the GPT.

The OPT has a number of intriguing properties that make it a competitive alternative to GPT.

OPT and the GPT model, for instance, have accuracy levels that are rather comparable when it comes to Zero-Shot NLP evaluation.


We must first comprehend the Pathways ecosystem in order to comprehend why the PALM model is so incredible.

Google’s Large Language Models are all created using the Pathways Architecture Simply scroll down if you don’t care about these specifics and want to jump right to the PALM model.

The specifics come at the section’s conclusion.


BLOOM was established to loosen Big Tech’s grip on Large Models.

Tech corporations have been undertaking research over the past few years using astronomical quantities of processing power that regular academics and groups can’t reproduce.

Due to this, it is difficult for independent researchers to check and challenge the findings of Big Tech Companies.

Google: LAMDA

LAMDA, like ChatGPT, is based on Transformer, a neural network architecture created by Google Research and made available for use in 2017.

A model that can be trained to read numerous words (a phrase or paragraph, for example), pay attention to how those words relate to one another, and then predict what words it believes will come next is produced using the Transformer architecture.

Character AI

Character AI’s innovative AI chatbot technology, can impersonate historical individuals like Queen Elizabeth and William Shakespeare as well as fictitious characters like Draco Malfoy, allows users to talk and role-play with, well, anyone, living or dead.

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