‘SNL’ Lisa from Temecula sketch absolutely breaks Pedro Pascal

What makes Saturday Night Live’s Lisa from Temecula sketch so funny, isn’t the material itself. It’s that everyone in the sketch from Nwodim to host Pedro Pascal can’t hold character the entire time.

The sheer, utterly amazing performance Ego Nwodim puts into this sketch is so good, there are no survivors. The sketch starts innocently enough with a celebration of a friend’s birthday party (Punkie Johnson). However, things go bad fast as Nwodim tries to cut into her extra, extra well-done steak. It’s a tough cut of meat and as Nwodim tries to cut herself a bite, hilarity ensues. It’s hard to describe the following events but everyone breaks character, with the best break being Bowen Yang who cracks after Nwodim claims they’re getting complaints cause “they’re Black.”

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