Cult-favorite horror series Birdemic is getting a special Blu-ray box set that includes new third film

One of the strangest and most oddly subversive horror franchises ever is getting a special new Blu-ray release. Wings of Disaster: the Birdemic Trilogy, a new box set from Severin Films, includes all three of writer and director James Nguyen’s Birdemic movies as well as 13 hours of special features.

The Birdemic films, which started in 2010 with Birdemic: Shock and Terror (a movie not infrequently cited as both one of the worst movies ever made and as a cult classic) is unlike just about anything else in the horror genre or otherwise. Self-labeled as a “romantic thriller,” the film is an off-beat mix of satire and earnestness inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, which follows a software salesman and a lingerie model who are vacationing in a small town when it’s suddenly overrun with an onslaught of killer birds.

Image: Severin Films

Nguyen went on to make a sequel in 2013, bringing back the stars of the original movie. Now, the director is back with third and final entry in the trilogy (which will also get a standalone release outside of the box set). Birdemic 3: Sea Eagle leans into the global warming-related reasons birds have taken to attacking humans, and how it could lead to the extinction of all life on Earth.

Severin Filmss new box set of the full trilogy will be released on Feb. 28.

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