Google vs. ChatGPT: Here’s What Will Happen When You Swap Services for a Day

Google vs. ChatGPT: The article presents a comparison of these two search engines

Google vs. ChatGPT: You might be aware of the recent excitement around ChatGPT, an AI chatbot that was made available to the general public at the end of November. It is interesting to know how the service could benefit day-to-day activities after reading about people utilizing it to compose their school essays. OpenAI, a research firm supported by Microsoft and others, created the technology. On the basis of written prompts, ChatGPT intelligently and automatically generates text. It is even capable of carrying on a discussion that is quite similar to the one you would have with a real person.

But the question arises is ChatGPT smart enough to change how we find information online? ChatGPT is capable of replacing Google and other search engines. Really, is it? Undoubtedly, some Google employees are concerned about the potential. Employees recently questioned executives at a firm all-hands meeting about whether ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, was a “lost opportunity” for the business, according to CNBC’s Jen Elias. Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet, and Jeff Dean, the former head of Google’s AI division, answered that the two companies have comparable skills, but that the risk of failure is higher since users have to trust Google for their information.

Morgan Stanley published a report on the topic on Monday, Dec. 12 examining whether ChatGPT is a threat to Google. Brian Nowak, the bank’s lead analyst on Alphabet, wrote that ChatGPT, the language model could take market share “and disrupt Google’s position as the entry point for people on the Internet.” But according to Nowak, the corporation is still confident in Google’s position since it is working to improve search, and because changing customers’ habits is difficult given how frequently they use Google. Furthermore, Google is “developing comparable natural language models like LaMDA,” which might be used in future products.

The developers of OpenAI are hesitant to make any significant claims at this time. Generally speaking, ChatGPT grows better the more users utilize it. It has a lot to learn, though. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, stated in a tweet on December 10 that ChatGPT is “extremely limited” and that it would be a mistake to rely on it for anything crucial at this time. In any case, it is interesting to know how effectively the chatbot would function as a substitute for Google’s search engine. When asked ChatGPT the inquiries rather than searching Google all day, Here are some of the queries asked to ChatGPT and how it responded in comparison to Google.

Google vs. ChatGPT

All you need to sign up for ChatGPT is an email address. The webpage is incredibly simple to use once you’ve enrolled. You can enter your queries in the text box and wait for the results to appear in the adjacent space. OpenAI advises including a statement for the best outcome.

When asking how to take care of the Fiddle Leaf Fern plant from both the search engine,

ChatGPT replied- The results lined up with the instructions to take care of the plant.

Google replied- When asked the same question with Google,  the top result gave me detailed instructions in an article that included pop-up ads and way more information than I needed, like links to buy new soil.

Clearly, ChatGPT won the battle of “Google vs. ChatGPT”

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