Bitcoin Outperforms Market Equities and Treasury Bonds: Goldman Sachs Report 

The Bitcoin market rallied by nearly 40 percent in the first month of 2023 while the United States treasury bonds earned a fixed income of 4 percent. To put it into a different perspective, an investor who purchased $100 worth of Bitcoin at the start of the year has about $140.

On the other hand, an investor who purchased either a 20 or 30-year U.S. treasury bond worth $100 has approximately $104 at present. However, the latter is risk averse compared to the former, which is described by high volatility both on the small and longer timeframe.

Nonetheless, the Bitcoin market has significantly marketed itself as a better-performing asset in the long haul compared to government bonds. The Bitcoin market has, however, been tarnished by the FTX and Alameda’s implosion which has left hundreds of institutional investors worldwide with a financial dent and has led to a widespread loss of trust in the institution of cryptocurrency.

In a recent report by Goldman Sachs, Bitcoin ranked top among other assets in both total returns and risk-adjusted returns. According to the megabank, Bitcoin outperformed the market equities, precious metals, and also global indexes like NASDAQ 100, Russell 2000, and S & P 500.

Bitcoin Market Outlook

The Bitcoin market celebrated 14 years of existence recently with two countries, El Salvador and the Central African Republic, already using it as legal tender. According to our latest crypto price oracles, Bitcoin is changing around $23,134 on Wednesday with a market capitalization of approximately $446,005,429,271.

Short squeezes and forced liquidations have been attributed to the January 2023 crypto rally. According to aggregate data provided by Coinglass, approximately 22,911 crypto traders have been liquidated about $59 million in the past 24 hours. Nonetheless, the Bitcoin whales have played a significant role in the January crypto relief rally.

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