Where to find the Tissue Sample in the Dead Space remake

The Dead Space remake adds new side missions to Isaac’s time on the USG Ishimura. These are small(ish) trips through the ship to round out the narrative and world-building. One side mission, “Premeditated Malpractice,” might be a little confusing: Found during Chapter 5, “Lethal Devotion,” you can stumble on the steps out of order.

Our Dead Space remake “Premeditated Malpractice” guide will walk you through finding the Tissue Sample and the DNA Scanner to complete this side mission.

Tissue Sample Needed

What makes this side mission confusing is that you can find the DNA Scanner in the Main Lab of Medical (on your way to collect the liquid nitrogen while fleeing the Hunter necromorph) before you find the sample it needs. The DNA Scanner will just say “Tissue Sample Needed.”

To find the Tissue Sample, you just have to play a little further.

Collect the Tissue Sample from the Hunter

In Cryogenics, you’ll finally fight and defeat Dr. Mercer’s Hunter by Stasis-ing it in the central cryo chamber and activating the controls in the adjoining Cryogenics Control Room. Once it’s dead — and after a quick call with Daniels — you’ll be free to loot the room(s).

Collect the Tissue Sample after defeating the Hunter in Cryogenics.
Image: Motive Studio/Electronic Arts via Polygon

In the cryo chamber, all that’s left of the Hunter is a Tissue Sample. Pick that up to start the “Premeditated Malpractice” side mission. Open the RIG menu and tab over to Missions. On the right, select the Scan Tissue Sample objective under Premeditated Malpractice and choose Track Objective.

Scan the Tissue Sample at the DNA Scanner

Now, your locator will lead you back to the Main Lab area of Medical and to the DNA Scanner. You’ll have to handle a few necromorphs on the way there.

Scanning the Tissue Sample there will unlock the next steps in the side mission that take you to the Bridge and finally to Hydroponics — where you’ll pick up the Prototype Stasis Module upgrade that adds damage to your Stasis ability.

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