MEMAG hits $1.5m milestone as presale is ending – last chance to buy!

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), the fastest-growing Play-to-Earn guild of 2023, has hit the $1.5 million milestone, in a very obvious sign that investors and gamers are buying into the massive potential of the crypto project. While it’s in presale now, it will quickly become the largest mobile gaming guild in Web3, creating fun and addictive games with playable NFTs.

There are many factors as to why Meta Masters Guild has blown through its first two Presale Stages so quickly, and why there are only a few days left in Stage 3. We’ll cover those reasons in more detail below.

Now is the best time to buy, as a price increase from $0.013 to $0.016 will be coming once Stage 3 ends.

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Redefining P2E as Play-And-Earn

One of the most standout features of Meta Masters Guild is the fact that they are redefining the P2E market. In fact, the gaming guild is best described as Play-And-Earn (P&E) rather than P2E. The reason for this is that the developers of MEMAG truly believe that the P2E approach is very flawed.

With most P2E games, the focus is on earning. That’s reflected right in the name — Play “to” Earn. This insinuates that the only reason people are playing the game is to earn the rewards that they can. There’s nothing wrong with this from a gamer’s perspective, of course, but what often happens when this is the case is that the games themselves aren’t that fun to play.

Because the developers focus so heavily on the earning mechanisms, they forget to put the time and effort into creating games that are fun to play. In the end, this leads to the user base dropping off dramatically over time, which plummets the value of the project as a whole.

Meta Masters Guild is taking the exact opposite approach. Yes, there is going to be immense earning potential, tokenization and blockchain integration. But, none of that will be the primary focus of the project — creating fun and addictive games will. By doing that, MEMAG will be giving players what they want — games they want to play over and over again. And, as a result of that, it will create a sustainable, long-lasting ecosystem that will soar the value of the $MEMAG token.

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Same Earnings Across All Games

Another huge draw to Meta Masters Guild is that there are going to be so many games available on it. There will be something for everyone, which will make the guild extremely attractive and able to gain a bunch of users rather quickly.

With all these different games, though, the question will be how will it all come together from an earnings perspective. The answer is quite simple: Everything will be based around the $MEMAG token.

No matter what game someone plays on Meta Masters Guild, the rewards they earn in the games will come in the form of “Gems.” These Gems can then be converted into the $MEMAG token, which can be reinvested into the ecosystem in a number of ways, or they can be exchanged for real-world value in the form of Ethereum tokens or USDT.

This ensures that players are rewarded for their total time and effort, regardless of what games they play and how long they play them. In essence, this format ensures that players aren’t penalized just for trying different games. By contrast, they’re actually rewarded for doing so, as they can stack the Gems on top of each other from all the different games. 

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No Barrier to Entry

A final major aspect of Meta Masters Guild that separates itself from others in the industry is that there is no barrier to entry for new players. In most P2E environments, players have to invest something to get started. Most require you to purchase a playable NFT that you can then use in the game. While the investment may not break the bank, it’s an investment nonetheless.

With Meta Masters Guild, people can start playing the games right away without making any monetary investment at all. And the best part is they can earn rewards even though they haven’t invested any money at the outset.

The developers of Meta Masters Guild believe firmly in the fact that players should be fairly compensated for the investments they make into the ecosystem. At the same time, they don’t take for granted the significant investment that players make with their time and effort. In other words, it’s not just monetary investments that are worthwhile to the ecosystem.

In addition to that great feature, the developers intend to consider the input and feedback from the players. This will help shape the future of the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem as a whole. With players given a true say in where it goes, they are going to feel very connected to the ecosystem and valued by the developers. In turn, they’ll likely continue investing in the platform with their time, effort and money as well — all of which will result in the $MEMAG token exploding in value.

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Last Chance to Buy MEMAG in Stage 3 Presale

There are too many reasons to list of why Meta Masters Guild makes for an amazing investment. It truly is going to be the largest mobile gaming guild in Web3, and the time that it will become that is likely this year. MEMAG has been blowing through its early presale stages, and has raised almost $1.5 million thus far.

Meta Masters Guild is in the final days of Presale Stage 3, with just a little more than four days left until the next stage. At that time, the price of the $MEMAG token is going to increase by 23%, from $0.013 to $0.016. So, if you want to get in on the ground level of this amazing new crypto project, the best time to act is now.

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