NVIDIA’s New AI Tech Swaps Out Your Real Eyes for Digital Ones

NVIDIA’s new AI tech can swap your real eyes for digital ones that are fixed on your webcam

Nvidia’s latest streaming software can blow your mind. Nvidia has developed an AI-powered technology that replaces your natural eyes with artificial ones that are permanently fixed on your webcam.  NVIDIA’s new AI tech is extremely unnatural and another example of how strange you have to act online in order to become a successful streamer in 2023. 

That’s just how NVIDIA’s new AI tech is: To succeed in the world of live streaming, you require to be “on” all the time, always “engaged,” and constantly avoiding taking too many breaks for fear of shrinking your potentially fickle audience. Burnout may occur very fast. We’ve seen major, medium, and small streamers lose their enthusiasm for playing games online time and time again, resulting in lengthy absences, panic attacks, and more. But what if a tool powered by artificial intelligence could assist you in simulating some of that crucial engagement? Here comes the newest version of the Broadcast software from Nvidia.

With functions like background removal and keyboard noise reduction, this set of tools is designed to make you appear and sound better as you stream. With this updated version, you can now add phoney, AI-powered eyeballs to your actual human face by simply pressing a button. And because these new eyes are fixed on the camera at all times, you may always be “engaged” with your viewers even as you read your conversation or glance around your room. It has a really unsettling and wild appearance. 

Some have proposed that this innovation could benefit people with autism who struggle to keep eye contact during meetings and live streams. I do respect that use case, but I’m not sure whether this is the direction we want to go in. I don’t think we all need or should want continual eye contact, especially scary, direct gazing eye contact like this. Pasting ominous AI eyes on everyone, in my opinion, is not a smart idea. And as one tweet noted, this kind of motionless, lifeless gaze is not how individuals actually appear while speaking to big groups of people. It is normal to look away from or toward other people, the camera, or both. This behavior can be beneficial or even crucial.

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