Does The Future Of Meme Coins Look Promising? Big Eyes Coin And Dogecoin Think So

Memes come and go; this is their premise. It is online content which is typically humorous in nature and relevant to the time in which it surfaces on the internet.

There are new memes constantly circulating the web every single day and they come and go, which can be a genuine concern when it comes to the world of crypto.

Many coins are born out of internet memes, and due to the nature of memes, there is a high chance that people lose interest or move on as the internet does.

But many meme coins, despite passing their peak times in internet popularity, still thrive with the help of loyal communities and the charm and nostalgia that they hold.

Coins like Dogecoin are iconic and have promising futures, but when comparing ambitious presale coins like Big Eyes Coin, how do they match one another? And what do they have to offer the investor? Will it uphold their loyalty to keep the platform thriving?

Let’s take a deep dive and find out.

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin Has Its’ Eyes On The Prize!

For a presale platform, Big Eyes Coin has some exciting things in development for its community. Raising an astounding $17.5 million in presale stages, the coin is already reaching great heights of success and has really set the bar for competing presale coins.

This crypto cathouse is led by its’ community, allowing them to explore and connect with people across the world with similar interests and admiration for the project and everything it has to offer. From excellent charity wallets devoted to helping organisations focussed on saving the oceans, to an exclusive NFT group providing the community with rare and very cute content!

They are also offering investors an amazing bonus which will also push forward the launch of Big Eyes Coin! By using the code LAUNCHBIGEYES200 when purchasing, the launch will become even closer and buyers will also receive a 200% bonus with their purchases!

With so much success in the presale phase, it would be silly to doubt the potential of this cat-ulous coin, and it seems Big Eyes Coin is going to be one of the projects keeping the meme coin culture alive!

Big Eyes Coin

The Year Of Dogecoin

The open-source peer-to-peer digital currency is the accidental crypto movement that has the heart of many investors. It utilises blockchain technology and has a highly secure decentralised system for every single user. The Dogecoin Manifesto is an amazing and vibrant community made up of an extremely friendly, innovative and dedicated community!

It is based on a famous internet ‘doge’ meme and creators promote the platform as a fun and light-hearted cryptocurrency, which has continued to succeed on the crypto market and even catch the attention of Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

One of the main reasons Dogecoin does so well on the market is because of the loyalty the community has to the coin and the nostalgia of the platform itself. It continues to rank high on the market and this is potentially one of the main reasons why!

It is clear that the success of the meme tokens is not slowing down!

Big Eyes Coin

Final Thoughts…

The power of the meme tokens seems to not be slowing down, and for good reason! It is only just beginning. Want to be a part of the meme culture? Check out the links below and get involved with the crypto meme craze today!

Big Eyes Coin

Big Eyes Coin (BIG)




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