Could This Be The Moment Big Eyes Coin Joins The Ranks Of The Elite Crypto? Ethereum And Bitcoin Remain The Northern and Southern Stars

What do a dead racoon, a red fire hydrant and Kate Winslet have in common? The answer isn’t obvious to us either. But now we have your attention it’s time to discuss the large heaving mud sodden elephant in the room – the current state of crypto. The last 12 months have been tough, they’ve given even the most adept and well researched crypto whale pause for thought.

In the late 1800’s families travelled across the broad stretch of coarse, unrelenting American dustbowl in search of that rare commodity – gold. Back breaking work was carried out in order to sift what might only be a few tiny nuggets no bigger than that of a finger nail. Today, mining of crypto exists on a digital plane, the geography and metrics have changed but the ethos and sense that –  for a select and determined few gargantuan gains can be made – remains the same.

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has so far teased 9 presale stages with growing anticipation and interest. This tiny anime kitten has many in the inner crypto sanctum salivating for its impending arrival. The token boasts strong utility coupled with a bold faced tongue out meme aesthetic and approach. Millennials and Gen Z alike have demonstrated they intend to change the (un)natural order of things…posting a letter? Nope – social media direct messaging, heavy cumbersome cameras to take pictures – nah, a smart phone with a megabillion pixel camera will do the job nicely. The point is – change is upon us. It happens sometimes slowly and incrementally, sometimes with the full force of a wrecking ball rolling through the interior of a museum of historical artefacts..sometimes slow and then very..very.. fast.

Big Eyes is building a loyal community who appreciate its charitable pivot offering 5% of its wallet to causes relating to environmental collapse and marine preservation. This mischievous kitten enjoys her fish, and as such wants to ensure that there is a plentitude of healthy fish in this world.

Unlike Big Eyes two bigger brothers Doge and Shiba Inu, this token is yet to launch meaning its current token price is devastatingly and disgustingly low. This, however won’t be the case for very much longer as the team have announced they’ll be releasing Big Eyes into the world imminently, given they have repeatedly surpassed presale stage targets – $17.5million so far raised. You’d be foolish to hedge your beds and place some of your capital into what crypto clerks are calling – “the 2nd generation of decentralised meme coin with utility”.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out – Ethereum

Ethereum (ETH) is a decentralised blockchain being utilised to both store your money but also in the creation of interesting apps. The crypto currently has a market cap of $154billion. So despite the dip it has been experiencing, its financial stability is of no serious concern. Ethereum has no cap on the number of tokens it can supply hitting 122 million currently, despite this its price is inestimably high.

Big Eyes Coin

If what youre looking for is a little less sweat on the back of your neck and hands that dont feel quite so clammy as the latest market news lands on your phone – then Ethereum makes total sense. A stable coin, its price isn’t subject to the same bipolar jittery fluctuations that you see with other disposable coins that enter the market hourly.

Community built, this team have harnessed the power of decentralisation in the truest sense. From each of the furthest and most far flung corners of the internet enabled world – kindred souls have been adding to and improving its infrastructure.

Ethereums move to a proof of stake merger is now beginning to bear fruit as it launches a tasty and it must be said secretive upgrade to its network known exotically as Shanghai. In the pithiest and simplest sense this upgrade will allow stakers to withdraw their holdings from the network. A big, bold and beautiful move forward.

Bit By Bit With Bitcoin

The macdaddy, the Godfather, the Czar. Bitcoin (BTC) has held the top spot in crypto since records began. Unlikely to be budged, nudged, tripped or surpassed any time soon this decentralised currency offers more than just a glimpse into the future of the financial sector.

A consolidation seems to be underway and all signs and smoke signals suggest if Bitcoin can hold to $23,000 the market will respond generously and we could see its slow and steady escalation back towards its euphoric heights of November 2021 when it hit above $65,000. If however, it dips below $23,000 the market confidence could trigger a domino effect and immediate sell off that could see its value dwindle paving the way for Ethereum to exercise more bolshy market dominance having been seen as the little tike to Bitcoins (BTC) big bully brother for so long.

The token to keep your eyes on and your wallets aligned with is Big Eyes. There’s an argument to say the tortoise – slow and steady won the race, but here the hare not only lapped the tortoise it, it ran so fast it span the poor tortoise the wrong way.. That’s Big Eyes.. its success has been hard and fast and immediate and doesn’t look to be slowing. Don’t. Miss. Out.

You can obtain 200% bonus tokens with your order if you use the ‘LAUNCHBIGEYES200’ promo code at the checkout!

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Big Eyes Coin

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