After the KuCoin wallet partnership, Calvaria presale hits 2.7m – the final 15% of tokens available

After the partnership announcement with the KuCoin team, KuWallet integration became available on Calvaria’s presale page.

This means that everyone buying Calvaria can now use KuWallet to purchase $RIA directly from the wallet. 

There are many benefits to this partnership, mainly because this made $RIA tokens available to KuWallet users, making the investment process straightforward.

  • Calvaria investors can now manage all their digital assets from one place.
  • This partnership could also be one step further toward Calvaria’s listing at KuCoin.

If this turns out to be, Calvaria will get broader exposure because KuCoin is the fourth-largest exchange by 24-hour trading volume.

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The first exchange listings confirmed

Calvaria may or may not be listed at KuCoin, but the project has already secured first exchange listings.

LBANK and BKEX will list $RIA once the presale ends. Moreover, the Calvaria team partnered with BKEX for the coins’ 24-hour-long IEO that will happen after the presale ends.

The presale will last until January 31st or until all tokens sell. Over 85% of the final presale stage is completed, raising more than $2.7 million.

When looking at the current situation, Calvaria could reach its final hard cap of $3,075,000 very soon.

This is not a surprise because the project has been considered one of the most successful since its launch.

Experts predict the token will pump by 30x in 2023.

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Calvaria Price Prediction 2023-2030


According to predictions, Calvaria could hit between $0.25 and $0.40 in 2023.

The performance, in this case, will depend on the performance of the wider crypto market.

2023 will be the crucial year for the project, as experts say. It could happen that the project enters the eSports scene and gets to some of the most broadcasted gaming events in the world.

Calvaria’s long-term price predictions are as bright as short-term ones.

Predictions say $RIA could trade between $0.60 and $0.70 by the end of 2025 and between $0.95 and $1.20 by the end of 2030.

Looking long-term, Calvaria could be one of the most used crypto projects by non-crypto players.

Also, the project is set to release new features in the upcoming years and organize events that could pump $RIA’s price to extreme heights.

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How can you benefit from Calvaria?

Many investors rushed to buy this one-of-a-kind Play 2 Earn game because of the many benefits they can enjoy.

Not only they can enjoy dire rewards early but benefit from the terrific features of the project.


Calvaria is the perfect fit for the eSports world, with a game that is rewarding and competitive at the same time. Also, the project team plans to launch and host a series of eSports events.


Staking as a concept has been popular in recent years, and Calvaria also offers investors the opportunity to earn passive rewards by staking coins.

Highly engaging and scalable game

As a Web2 and Web3 game, Calvaria targets a broader audience, primarily non-crypto gamers. The game in the ecosystem is highly competitive and highly rewarding. Players battle against each other and win prizes. 

Dire investment opportunities

Calvaria gives exposure to NFTs, eSports, blockchain games, and cryptocurrency. This makes it the perfect investment choice for investors who want to own a diversified asset. 

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Wrapping up – Why should you invest in Calvaria?


Calvaria is one of the most successful launches of 2022 and the project that will bloom in 2023.

With appealing gameplay, dire rewards, and a broader audience as the target group, Calvaria is definitely the project worth investing in.

To sum up, here is why you should invest in Calvaria:

  • Calvaria is a part of the growing system of crypto gaming. After the negative first feedback, crypto games are becoming popular, and Calvaria will play a crucial role in the future adoption of gaming.
  • You can join the Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn games. As the perfect bridge between Web2 and Web3 worlds, Calvaria offers a Free-to-Play game (available as an app) for non-crypto gamers. For players that want to experience the metaverse, the Play-2-Earn game is available.
  • Utility. Unlike many other crypto projects, Calvaria is a project that has utility. The project offers dire rewards from the game and staking platform. 
  • Price potential. Since it targets crypto and non-crypto gamers, Calvaria has the potential to face a dire demand for the token because of the broader target. This can impact the price positively.

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