Tracking Rare Diseases through Avatar AI Tech

Motion technology employed in the Avatar movie has inspired researchers to use AI technology to track rare diseases that are likely to diagnose quickly.

Motion capture suits were prominently used in the first Avatar film. Using proprietary technology, artists were able to bring Navi’s characters alive by analyzing the data gathered by these suits. According to a report, Avatar AI tech has recently gained attention for its potential to monitor rare diseases. Researchers employ motion technologies for tracking rare diseases through AI, which gives efficient support in finding the illness at an early stage. Using the motion-capture technology from Avatar, new progression monitoring has been created, enabling researchers to create AI technology to track rare diseases that can study patient physical movements.

UK-based scientists have been able to estimate the seriousness of two separate genetic illnesses twice as rapidly as the top medical professionals thanks to tests performed using the most recent technologies. Scientists also predicted that this Artificial Intelligence powered technique might save the amount of time and money required to develop experimental drugs and carry out significant clinical trials in a research study published in the scientific journal Medicines.

The technology has so far been tested on individuals having Friedreich’s ataxia (FA) and Duchenne muscular dystrophy in two different studies (DMD). In less time than a professional could, they found, AI could forecast how the sickness would develop over the course of a year. The same technique, according to researchers, may be valuable for tracking the progress of patients with movement-impairing illnesses, including those affecting the heart, neurological system, brain, lungs, joints, and other mental conditions.

The system is capable of carrying out in-depth assessments due to these predictive abilities. Scientists at Imperial College evaluated it on patients and discovered that it could anticipate the progression of the illness over a 12-month period.

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