The 6 Best Beginner Crypto for Investors in 2023

Finding one of the best beginner crypto for  investors is a challenge. The crypto market has massive fluctuations in the market currently. Now is the time to invest smartly in attractive crypto that has the potential to keep traders invested for a long time. In doing so, it will ensure sustainable growth in the long term. 

For all gaming fans, the best choice is the “young” MEMAG coin, the native coin of the amazing Meta Masters Guild platform. Those users who would like to devote themselves to their physical appearance, fitness, and health should check the Fight Out platform and its native FGHT coin. While improving your health and body shape, give yourself time to have fun on one of the most exciting crypto games, like RobotEra, a world of robots you can create and manage yourself, or Calvaria, the battle card game for both beginners and experienced gamers.  As those two keep you entertained, check out also one of the best beginner cryptos for  investors, the D2T coin. That is the native coin of the Dash 2 Trade, an analysis platform with the impressive potential to keep investors interested long-term. 

All coins above have impressive potential to double your investment in the short term, as they have attracted wide attention recently. Let’s see what is remarkable about them and why they are the best beginner cryptos for  investors!

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Which are the best beginners of crypto for  investors?

There are troubles in the crypto market in the , so you should be careful. If you are interested in investing but need to figure out what the financing should look like, you should start from the most potential models in the market. Currently, those are the few most named and listed on the list of the best. 

  1. Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)– The Most Popular Play-and-Earn Platform
  2. Fight Out (FGHT)– The Best Move-to-Earn Platform 
  3. RobotEra (TARO)– Extremely Interesting Metaverse Project
  4. Calvaria (RIA)– One of the Hotest Crypto Presales at the Moment
  5. Dash 2 Trade (D2T)– The Best Platform for Crypto Users
  6. Solana (SOL)- Another Solid Choice You Can Opt For

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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)- The Most Popular Play-and-Earn Platform

Investing in intelligent resolutions is always challenging. Thus, you will have a lot of questions in mind. Meta Masters Guild is the place for you, where creators aim to make a mobile-focused Web3 gaming guild. It is a high-quality, blockchain-integrated mobile game that will make you entertained for a long time. The game creates a decentralized gaming ecosystem, allowing members to earn rewards and contribute quickly. 


Inside the game, you can earn “Gems” and turn them into the native game’s currency, $MEMAG. If you like, you can invest in the game again in numerous ways. The key is intelligent investing, supporting the game’s ecosystem, and remaining entertained for a long time. It will raise the value in the long term. This funny, exciting, and blockchain-integrated game must earn mechanisms that support the individual aims of the player. 

During the first 24 hours of the presale, more than $50,000 was raised, which indicates that a huge number of users have already recognized the potential that this coin carries with it. Be one of the users who will invest in MEMAG in time. It is undoubtedly a wise move, considering that crypto experts have very high hopes for the growth of the value of this token as early as 2023.

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Fight Out (FGHT)-The Best Move-to-Earn Platform 

One of the crypto presales that is generating huge popularity these days is the presale of FGHT, the native token of the innovative Fight Out platform. 

Fight Out

Fight Out is a move-to-earn crypto project, created at a higher level than all known move-to-earn projects so far. Fight Out provides users with a wide variety of exercises and fitness challenges, and at the same time, as a form of motivation for its users, it offers them an extremely rich fund of various prizes. Fight Out users have the opportunity to find the desired way and tempo of training and based on that, they get video lessons with exercises that they can do anytime and anywhere. So, for every progress related to your physical activity, Fight Out rewards you and thus motivates you!

Although the FGHT token presale started only a month ago, the success it has achieved so far is truly amazing! It is obvious that users recognized all the benefits of Fight Out but also realized that this revolutionary move-to-earn crypto will pump in price during 2023. Hurry and get FGHT while the price is this good!

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RobotEra (TARO)-Extremely Interesting Metaverse Project

Being a game with a specified ecosystem, fun, and investing fields, RobotEra offers more than a classic cryptocurrency. It is for sure that you have a lot of reasons to consider it as the best beginner crypto for  investors. There is a reason why the currency is prevalent, even though the fourth presale phase has yet to end. People like its gaming model, where you can create your robot as an avatar, land, manage it, and participate in the world’s creation. 

All become a part of the large ecosystem, with other planets, theme parks, museums, concerts, and many more. Inside the world, you can share, operate, and trade with other NFT communities. It has a high potential to be supported by popular gaming models and has unique spaces, rewards, and editing buttons. Take advantage of the presale period and get some TARO at such a good price!

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Calvaria (RIA)-One of the Hotest Crypto Presales at the Moment


Calvaria is an exciting P2E battle card game with impressive and exciting features and attractive details that you can invest in. Although there are great options for gamers and beginners, the competition aims to connect crypto and the “real world.” For those reasons, Calvaria is one of the best crypto beginners for  investors. They have created a primary, free-to-play platform, along with the premium one, for learning, training, and improving skills and knowledge. 

However, you can go to the premium option whenever you want, playing the play-to-earn option, held on the blockchain functions, accessible without constraining barriers. The key is to convince investors that their decision makes the game more interesting. The gamers will fully own access, tokens, NFTs, skins, potions, etc. 

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Dash 2 Trade (D2T)-The Best Platform for Crypto Users

Dash 2 Trade is one of the currencies you want to buy to get money (although it is highly possible) and essential information. Being a trading analytics platform with in-depth market insights, Dash 2 Trade helps create market-beating strategies. If you are a beginner, do not worry, it has three tiers or levels that make it one of the best beginner crypto for  investors. The first level or tier is the basic one, named to be a learning platform. 

You can learn to invest, change details you do not like, and train to become a more informed trader. For those reasons, the approach to this platform is free. The second one is slightly more professional, with essential insights into notable presale launches, and you will need 300 D2T tokens to approach. The premium model costs 1000 tokens monthly and 5% of the subscription fee. 

The fact is that both experienced and inexperienced crypto users have gone crazy for the Dash 2 Trade platform and its native D2T coin. This is supported by the fact that Dash 2 Trade completed its presale before the planned deadline.

Since Wednesday 11th January, Dash 2 Trade’s access token – D2T –  has been trading on  LBank, Changelly Pro, BitMart and decentralized exchange Uniswap.

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Solana (SOL)-Another Solid Choice You Can Opt For

When you are a beginner in something, you usually decide to choose something you are already familiar with. Even those who have no experience with cryptocurrencies have heard about Solana’s SOL, so they often decide to make it their first investment. SOL is a decent choice, but keep in mind that SOL will not reach any significant value growth, at least not during 2023. If you are ready to wait more than a few years to “reap the fruits” of your investment, then SOL is a good choice. But, if you would rather experience a return on investment in a shorter period, then it is better to opt for one of the previously mentioned cryptocurrencies.

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Investing in crypto nowadays is tricky, and people fear the current earthquakes in the crypto market. However, there are currencies you can be sure of, thanks to their impressive potential and great money-doubling options. 

If you pay a little attention to research the situation in the crypto world, you can see that several cryptocurrencies show good chances to bring you fine income. Analyzing the current situation, and following the advice of crypto experts, we can conclude that at this moment several cryptos are leading, namely MEMAG, FGHT, TARO, RIA, and D2T. You can’t go wrong by investing in any of them (or even all of them)!

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