Top 10 AI conversational platforms to lookout for in 2023

Conversational AI alternatives will evolve and flourish because most trend-setting technologies have limitations

ChatGPT is grabbing headlines. It is one of its kind chatbot that is finding applications in a number of fields. Its core premise lies in conversational AI, a technology the business class community heavily relies on. In spite of the threat that chatGPT’s dominance, conversational AI alternatives will evolve and flourish because most trend-setting technologies have limitations, and more than that businesses will need tailor-made and viable solutions that can be used within a plug-and-play framework. Here are the top 10 conversational AI platforms to look out for in 2023.

Survey Sparrow

This is a popular online survey bot created to serve the unmet demand for two-way conversations. It requires nil coding knowledge. One can copy-paste code from the auto-generated embedded code. Adding questions in the pipeline is easy to keep the conversation personal. With this bot, it is possible for developers to cross-tabulate answers with the compare feature.

IBM Watson Assistant

This is a versatile bot with a seamless hand-over capability from human to chatbot. This is the very reason why it is the most sought after as this feature is not found in other bots. Data security is a given and offers great predictive analytics irrespective of the type of data. It can blend voice and text simultaneously for faster information exchange. The disambiguation feature lets ask further questions when there is no clarity in the questions.


Who can imagine a chatbot can interpret unstructured conversation, transcribie, and discover it to identify key intents? It uses pre-built modular conversation components to build 80% of a conversation. It can respond to customer calls in less than a second and find the right context 94% of the time.


A perfect bot suitable to address queries from different demographics, ie., who have different values and hence different expectations. This very feature adds value to their business and it is their motto too. It is one bot where human-like digital bots can communicate simultaneously in different languages. It is completely scalable and has compelling data security features.


This is a bot designed to provide omnichannel experience, although having a simple to use interface. A great chatbot for businesses to have in their tech stack for it provides context-aware responses to a variety of customer queries. The most unique feature, ‘one contact solution’ differentiates it from other similar chatbots


This bot is an August combination of conversational interface, AI and RPA. Conversing like a bot while assisting in a purchase query is its USP. This bot acts like multiple bots addressing the different needs of the customers seamlessly.

Senseforth develops industry specific, solution rich AI conversational platforms. Here on this conversational platform onsite search is pretty much easy. The built in analytics feature helps chatbots to catch the leads quickly.

Amazon Lex

A branch of Amazon’s Alexa, it provides services for creating conversational interfaces using voice and text. With lex one can develop a customized bot with a GUI. It is one the most powerful NLP engines available in the realm of conversational AI.

Microsoft BOT framework

This one conversational AI platform which is connected to the whole tech ecosystem. It can be connected to an online site, an app, Slack, Cortana, Skype, Telegram, Messenger, SMS, etc. It also has integrations with Microsoft APIs including Bing Search, Text analytics API, Cognitive Services while having market targets in travel, banking, and entertainment industries.


Avaamo depends on Neural networks, speech synthesis, and deep learning. The entire conversational cycle is automated through cloud platforms. Building your own domain based models is easy. Extremely quick deployment is possible with its advanced speech synthesis allowing for better conversation and problem solving.

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