Ethereum Jumps 30% In The Past 2 Weeks, While Bitgert Spikes 20% – These Are January Predictions

As of writing, Ethereum (ETH) and Bitgert (BRISE) were some of the coins that had done well in the past 2 weeks. Ethereum had jumped 30%, while Bitgert had soared 20% during this period. This growth comes amid a bullish period that has seen most cryptocurrencies post an upsurge this January.

Ethereum has, for the past few days, consolidated around $1,550, and crypto analysts predict that it might soon break the $1,600 resistance. This is after looking at the overall market performance and the likelihood of the bulls growing more aggressive in the next few days.

Bitgert has also been consolidating over the last three days, but the launch of the exchange android version on Playstore is already starting to impact its price. Since the launch was officially announced, Bitgert has experienced a growing buying pressure, which might explode soon.

With the ongoing Bitgert exchange android release airdrop, the demand and hype around the Bitgert coin are definitely going to be a big thing. Therefore, we can expect the Bitgert coin to do very well this week as it reaps from the exchange hype.

Price Predictions This Month

January still looks bullish, and we might see most cryptocurrencies end with impressive growth. Ethereum is among the coins projected to do well in the market this month. The price prediction is that Ethereum might push past $1,600 and probably reach $1,700 before the end of the month.

This growth will be made possible by the growth triggered by softening of the Fed’s inflation regulations. Therefore, more investors are likely to buy Ethereum in the next few days, and that’s how the price will soar. Can Ethereum reach $2,000 this month? Well, everything is possible on crypto.

Bitgert (BRISE) is also projected to do very well in the market in the next few days. This month might see Bitgert increase by +70%, according to the crypto investors. Bitgert has already done well this month, and there is a possibility of growing bigger before the month ends.

The various developments around the coin, including the exchange going live on Playstore and DEX likely to launch soon, have the potential to keep Bitgert surging this month. Can $BRISE do 2X growth this year? Well, there is a high possibility of this coin hitting this growth.

Final Thought

Both Ethereum and Bitgert have the potential to maintain an upsurge in the next few days and end the month on a high note. However, Bitgert has a bigger potential than Ethereum to end the month as the biggest gainer. This is looking at the developments and the explosiveness of the Brise coin.

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