Want To Increase Your Gmail Productivity And Keep Inbox Clutter Free? Pay Heed To These Simple Hacks

If you are an Gmail user, looking to declutter your inbox and learn some new hacks, read on.

What Happened: An Instagram user, forgoodcode, shared a post on a few Gmail hacks. The tech enthusiast has 468K followers on the platform. 

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The first hack was pretty basic but essential — getting rid of promotional emails. 

According to the post, users just need to log into their Gmail account on a desktop computer or laptop and search for the term ‘Unsubscribe.’ Once users get the results, they need to tick the relevant emails with the unsubscribe tag or choose the “Select All” button and delete everything. 

There’s another hack that tells users how to send a confidential email that can preclude the recipient from copying, printing, forwarding and downloading the content from the said correspondence. For that, users just need to “tap on the lock symbol” while sending an email. 

The post, in total, has eight distinctive Gmail hacks and had already received 659,513 likes on the social media platform at the time of writing. 

Here’s the post:

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