The Chief of The FBI Says He’s Concerned by China’s AI Program

The Chief of The FBI Says that He is Concerned by China’s Artificial Intelligence Program

On Thursday FBI Director Christopher Wray said that he was deeply concerned by China’s AI Program asserting that it was “not constrained by the rule of law”.

Wray said Beijing’s AI ambitions were “built on top of massive troves of intellectual property and sensitive data that they’ve stolen over the years” during a panel session at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

He warned that if left unchecked, China could use artificial intelligence advancements to further its hacking operations, intellectual property theft, and repression of dissidents both within and outside the country.

“That is something we are very concerned about, and I believe everyone here should be very concerned about,” he said.

“AI is a classic example of a technology where I have the same reaction every time,” he said more broadly. ‘Wow, we can do that?’ I think. Then I realise, ‘Oh my God, they can do that.’”

Such worries have long been expressed by US officials. For example, in October 2021, US counterintelligence officials issued warnings about China’s AI ambitions as part of a renewed effort to educate business executives, academics, and state and local government officials about the dangers of accepting Chinese investment or expertise in key industries.

 AI commission led by former Google CEO Eric Schmidt earlier that year urged the US to improve its AI capabilities to counter China, including through the development of “AI-enabled” weapons.

AI commission led by former CEO of Eric Schmidt urged the United States to improve its AI capabilities to counter China, including by developing “AI-enabled” weapons.

A spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Wray’s remarks on Thursday. Beijing has repeatedly accused Washington of inciting fear and criticised US intelligence for its assessments of China.

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