Reasons Cardano Payment Gateway May Not Withstand Bitgert Paybrise Competition

One thing that all cryptocurrencies are working on is growing their adoption in the real world. Big crypto projects like Cardano have been working on making their digital currencies the most preferred payment currencies in the market. Making payments with ADA is now becoming a reality.

The Cardano team has already developed payment gateways that enable consumers and vendors to transact directly using ADA as payment currency. The Cardano Mercury is one of the most popular payment gateways that is gaining a lot of attention from the crypto community.

However, crypto analysts believe that Cardano Mercury may not withstand the competition from the Bitgert payment gateway. The Bitgert team has developed a powerful payment gateway called Paybrise, which is projected to render most gateway payments, not just for the Cardano, irrelevant.

Bitgert Paybrise launched in December and is already experiencing massive adoption, especially after the WordPress plug-in went live. But why are crypto experts ranking Paybrise among the best in the market?

Well, here are some exciting features that make Bitgert super competitive against Cardano Mercury:

Bitgert Paybrise Is Cheaper

One of the biggest advantages that Bitgert Paybrise has over the Cardano Mercury is the cost of transactions. Paybrise will be one of the cheapest payment platforms because of the zero gas fee that the Bitgert blockchain offers.

Looking at both the Bitgert and Cardano chains, Bitgert has the cheapest gas fee and the lowest transaction cost, which will be reflected on their payment gateways. This means more users will opt for a cheaper payment gateway, which is Paybrise.

Faster Transactions

The Bitgert Paybrise offers better transaction speed than Cardano Mercury. According to crypto analysts, Paybrise is running on the fastest blockchain, which is processing 100,000 transactions per second.

This is faster than what the Cardano chain is offering. Therefore, Paybrise will be processing more transactions per second than Mercury, which will make it more popular with buyers and vendors.

Paybrise Security Is Top-Notch

Another reason why Paybrise will outperform Cardano Mercury is the security of the user’s assets. Crypto experts believe that Paybrise is going to offer better security features than Mercury, looking at the platforms they are running on.

With security being one of the biggest concerns, more buyers and vendors are likely to choose Paybrise over Cardano Mercury.

In conclusion, Paybrise will definitely be one of the payment gateways to watch. With cheaper and faster transactions, Bitgert Paybrise will easily overtake Cardano Mercury as the most preferred payment gateway.

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