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Following a two-year run that saw the game struggle for much of it, Crystal Dynamics is winding down the development of Marvel’s Avengers. Following a , the studio published a on Friday announcing it plans to stop supporting the live-service title after September 30th.

Crystal Dynamics will release one final balance patch and shut down Marvel’s Avengers in-game cosmetics store on March 31st. On that same day, players will see their remaining Credit balance converted to in-game resources, as shown in the chart below. Additionally, “as a show of our appreciation for our community,” Crystal Dynamics says cosmetics that were previously only obtainable through the marketplace will be free for all players who own a copy of the game.

Crystal Dynamics

After official support ends on September 30th, players can continue playing Marvel’s Avengers on their own and with friends over Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus. “The changes we are making to how the game functions will ensure as long a life as possible,” the developer said. “However, after September 30th, 2023 we can’t guarantee that we will be able to address issues that occur due to unforeseen circumstances.” Crystal Dynamics said it decided to end support for the title “in conjunction with our partners.”

The effective end of Marvel’s Avengers won’t come as a surprise to fans. In November 2020, two months after the game went on sale, publisher Square Enix said it had the cost of making the title. From that point forward, the company seemed reluctant to put any more money behind the project. Then, last May, Square to Embracer Group. In December, the studio announced it was on a new Tomb Raider release. All of that seems to have factored into the decision to shut down Marvel’s Avengers.

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