Move-To-Earn Crypto, FGHT, Hits $5 Million Milestone. Buy Now Before Price Increase!

The crypto market is bubbling with fresher investment opportunities to take your minds off the devasting crypto winter of the past year. While experienced traders know that the market cycle will change, they are filling their pockets with viable crypto projects that can deliver good gains.

Fight Out is one such crypto you should not sleep on. This platform aims to revolutionize the fitness industry by ensuring users become physically fit and enjoy incentives to stay motivated. Interestingly, Fight Out’s presale event continues to progress as it has raised over $5 million, and more investors keep coming in.

This post walks you through this amazing fitness platform. It also provides compelling reasons you should engage in its ongoing presale event.

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Overview and Unique Features of the Fight Out Fitness Platform

The fitness industry has evolved over the years, providing conventional workout routines to equip people to become physically fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, there seems to be a growing disinterest in subscribing to gyms among users, causing them to quit usually within five months of signing up.

Despite utilizing blockchain technology, many fitness platforms have tried to motivate users with crypto when they engage in simple mobility exercises such as running, jogging, or walking. However, these features are insufficient to make users physically fit.

Thankfully, the fitness industry is welcoming a new change as Fight Out, a move-to-earn fitness app and gym chain, is ready to provide the best fitness programs while rewarding its users with crypto. Also, Fight Out features a solid team, impressive features, and powerful tokenomics to ensure it significantly impacts the fitness industry for a long time.

Here are some amazing utilities of the Fight Out platform for you to consider:

Fight Out Impressive Features To Become Fighting Fit

Taking a cue from combat athletes, Fight Out aims to provide essential fitness programs that will improve your baseline of strength, cardio, mental fortitude, and endurance.

There is more! This move-to-earn platform is flexible to meet your fitness needs as you can exercise at home with available training equipment. Also, you can join a nearby Fight Out gym to enjoy more intensive workout routines.

Fight Out enables you to have a personalized workout routine and goal to improve your fitness and perform other physical activities. As a fitness app, Fight Out will provide high-quality instructional videos which you can take advantage of to avoid hurting yourself. All these features are styled to ensure you become fighting fit.

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Crypto Incentives: The Right Motivation You Need in Fight Out

As a move-to-earn platform, Fight Out provides overall quality fitness programs that you can personalize based on your needs and earn incentives. The incentives come when you accomplish a fitness challenge or progress on the Fight Out platform.

Fight Out rewards you with REPS, its in-app currency, which cannot be traded or exchanged between players. Earning REPS enables you to purchase training gear, equipment, and apparel. Also, you can exchange REPS for enjoying membership discounts, remote sessions with Fight Out’s fitness coaches, and access to its health bar and co-working space.

Fight Out’s Tokenomics: Your Ticket to its Metaverse

Fight Out does more than provide its in-app currency, REPS. Its native token, FGHT, powers its ecosystem. Holding FGHT tokens allow you to purchase more REPS directly, which you can use to buy training equipment and get discounts on the Fight Out platform.

In addition, Fight Out provides its Metaverse, where you can create a personalized avatar that mirrors your progress on the Fight Out platform. For instance, if you have remarkably improved your strength, your soulbound avatar becomes stronger.

You can use FGHT to customize your avatar and purchase fashion items and accessories. In the Fight Out Metaverse, you meet other players (in their avatar self) and interact with them freely. You can also compete with other users to win titles and earn more FGHT.

The maximum supply of FGHT is 10 billion, and 30% is allocated to its presale event. The team behind Fight Out claims the capital raised during the presale will be used in building Fight Out gyms so users can enjoy immersive physical and virtual activities.

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Fight Out Presale and Future Exchange Listings

The features, rewards, and tokenomics are just a few pointers that attest to the greatness of this M2E platform. As mentioned earlier, Fight Out is progressing and has raised $5 million, with more investors ready to have a slice of this presale cake.

With a 50% FGHT bonus on every purchase, investors are taking advantage of FGHT’s low price and purchasing in huge amounts. These massive purchases of FGHT will undoubtedly set them up for long-lasting gains.

Fight Out aims to end its presale on March 31, 2023. The second quarter could provide incredible gains as the team has announced listing FGHT on two top Centralized Exchanges (CEXs): LBank and BitForex. These CEXs have a combined daily trading volume of about $2 billion which will provide FGHT with the necessary liquidity to soar in price.

Final Thoughts

Fight Out is a crypto platform you should not miss out in 2023, as it is poised to deliver excellent use cases never-seen-before on any crypto platform. However, the presale event is far from over. Thus, you can purchase FGHT at a relatively low price before its exchange listings in the coming months. This M2E platform is ready to ensure you are physically fit, stay motivated, and reap massive gains in price in years to come. Do well to invest now before it is too late.

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