MEMAG hits 600k raised as Stage 2 begins early – don’t miss another chance to buy low!


Have you already had the opportunity to get familiar with the latest revolutionary play-and-earn gaming platform? You can probably guess that we are referring to the Meta Masters Guild and its native MEMAG coin.

MEMAG has already raised more than 600k, meaning that it is a matter of time before it will move to the next stage, when its price will be higher. Take the opportunity, and don’t miss the chance to buy it cheap! But, before you do that, let’s see what makes this platform so unique.

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What makes the Meta Masters Guild platform so special?

And just when we thought that everything has already been seen, that absolutely nothing in the crypto gaming field can surprise us, the Meta Masters Guild platform convinced us otherwise. It is a platform with a revolutionary approach, which raises crypto gaming to the highest possible level. Boring, repetitive, and uninteresting games are a thing of the past now that we have Meta Masters Guild.

This, already very popular gaming platform, is oriented mainly toward games for mobile devices. It is, we must admit, a wise move by the creators of this platform, considering the fact that the largest percentage of users around the world actually prefer playing games in this way. But even for those “old-fashioned” users, Meta Masters Guild has enabled the option of classic enjoyment in desktop gaming.

Users who have already bought the native coin of this platform, i.e. in MEMAG, are eagerly awaiting the appearance of three games that seem extremely interesting. These are Meta Kart Racers, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFT, and below we will talk a little more about them.

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On the Meta Masters Guild platform, fun is guaranteed!

The Meta Masters Guild team especially pleased us with information about three amazing and extremely fun games. The first among them is Meta Kart Racers. It is a game that is currently in the final stages of development, meaning that all those who have already bought MEMAG will soon have the opportunity to have fun with it. This game allows players to have fun with different battles on race tracks. They will need to choose their favorite drivers and karts, and if they want, they will be able to upgrade their in-game features. In this sense, a lot of interesting items will be available in the Meta Masters Guild Store. Whatever you want to buy to improve your game and gain an advantage over opponents, you will be able to pay with MEMAG tokens. Meta Kart Racers will provide you with fun, different challenges, lots of ways to win prizes, and also the opportunity to win rare NFTs.

There is another amazing game coming soon, and that is Meta Masters World! Another game that users are looking forward to, will be especially interesting for those who have a conquering and curious spirit, those who like to solve different tasks and challenges. The focus of this game will be to conquer land and NFT characters by solving different challenges. But even if you haven’t invested in MEMAG yet, know that the Meta Masters World game will be free! But, if you want to upgrade the level of your NFTs, if you want to progress in the game, it will be of great help to purchase some items in the Meta Masters Guild Store, for which you will of course still need the MEMAG coin! All in all, enjoying this game, and having fun with it doesn’t require any investment on your part, but if you want to profit, then you should buy MEMAG!

At the moment, we still don’t have much information about Raid NFT, the third most expected product coming from the Meta Masters Guild Platform, but considering how the previous two games were created, we have no doubt that this one will also blow our minds!

The fact is that the Meta Masters Guild platform above all offers us entertainment through such ingeniously designed games! But what is perhaps even more important for crypto gaming fans, is that all these games will enable us to make money. And to gain the chance to profit from playing these amazing games, you will need to own a native MEMAG coin. The good news is that MEMAG is currently on presale and you can buy it at an extremely good price. And the bad news for all of you who haven’t bought MEMAG yet is that due to the great interest of users, stocks of MEMAG at such a good price are decreasing very quickly. Don’t let yourself miss the presale!

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Meta Masters Guild has already reached the second stage of the presale!

The presale of MEMAG coins does not last too long and it has already been extremely successful. We can conclude that from the fact that in just a few days, the first stage of the presale was completed because all MEMAG tokens intended for this stage were sold out in record time!

Now the second stage of the presale is underway, and the price of MEMAG tokens is a little more expensive than it was during the first stage. At this moment, you can buy one MEMAG coin for 0.01 USDT, but this favorable price will only be valid for a few more days. So be sure to hurry, take advantage of the opportunity and the good price, and buy MEMAG today. Owning MEMAG will not only provide you with the opportunity to enjoy everything that exists on the Meta Masters Guild platform, and earn while playing but owning this coin will very likely bring you fine income in the coming months.

Crypto market analysts have given their forecasts for MEMAG, based on the extremely good success of the presale so far, pointing out that this coin could gain at least 10x in value during 2023! And precisely because of all this, the advice for you is not to miss this second chance to buy MEMAG low! Already during the next stage, which is approaching, the price will be higher!

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It is clear why MEMAG has already been rated as a coin with the highest potential to become the top gaming crypto for 2023. Be wise, buy it at a cheap price, and provide yourself with fun as well as profit!

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