FAA Says Contractor Unintentionally Caused Outage That Disrupted Flights – Slashdot

The Federal Aviation Administration has said that a contractor working for the air-safety regulator had unintentionally deleted computer files used in a pilot-alert system, leading to an outage that disrupted U.S. air traffic last week. From a report: The agency, which declined to identify the contractor, said its personnel were working to correctly synchronize two databases — a main one and a backup — used for the alert system when the files were unintentionally deleted. The FAA said it had taken steps to prevent a recurrence of the outage in the system used for collecting and distributing the alerts, known as Notice to Air Missions, or Notams. “The agency has so far found no evidence of a cyberattack or malicious intent,” the FAA said late Thursday in a statement outlining preliminary findings in its continuing investigation. The FAA said that it had made necessary repairs to the system and has taken steps to make it more resilient.

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