Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction – can BCH hit more gains than BTC in 2023

Bitcoin Cash is certainly the most popular fork of Bitcoin. It was produced to make the genuine use of Bitcoin a reality – to be digital cash rather than a store of value. The transaction speed of Bitcoin Cash is much faster, and the value is lower, but of course, the security is far from the one that Bitcoin has. Now, the question is – can BCH hit more gains than BTC in 2023? In this article, we will elaborate on the current condition of both BCH and BTC, but we will also include the most popular cryptos at the moment – MEMAG, $FGHT, D2T, $CCHG, $TARO, and $RIA, as perfect alternatives!

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction

Take a peek at the price prediction table for Bitcoin Cash until 2030 before going deeper into the details regarding its future.


Many investors get confused when Bitcoin Cash gets mentioned, and it is often seen just as something connected to Bitcoin somehow. However, being in the #26th position regarding market rank shows that it should not be taken lightly. Bitcoin cash appeared on the market in 2017, but there was also one more fork that occurred in November 2018 when it split into two versions – Bitcoin Cash SV and Bitcoin cash ABC. The first one represents the vision of Satoshi, the founder of Bitcoin.

Looking at the price of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin, it is obvious that the value of Bitcoin is a lot higher. This year has added a ton of pressure on the crypto market, which has affected all cryptocurrencies to a certain extent. The value of Bitcoin is hovering around $17k, while the value of Bitcoin Cash goes around $107. There are lots of dips for both of these currencies, making it difficult to say if the optimistic predictions of crypto analysts will become a reality or if these cryptos will take another hit.

Having in mind the price dips that affected thousands of investors worldwide, there is a noticeable investors’ tendency to turn to freshly introduced cryptos. This is why we have included them here, and you will find crucial information about the most popular crypto projects below!

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

Meta Masters

Meta Masters Guild is the world’s first web3 mobile gaming platform that aims to introduce the many benefits of blockchain technologies to a wider audience. The Guild is designed as a multi game platform that offers a wide range of video games with Play-to-Earn mechanics. The platform will launch with three games, including Meta Karts, Meta Masters World, and Raid NFTs, with many more to follow in the future.

Whenever users sign up and play these games, they can earn GEMS tokens used for all in-game purchases, upgrades, etc. However,  GEMS tokens can be exchanged for native MEMAG tokens that acts as the utility. MEMAG tokens will be listed on most CEX/DEX listings, allowing players to either sell them or exchange them for other cryptos.

Meta Masters Guild is in its earliest presale stages, so you have a perfect opportunity to invest early and enjoy the highest returns in the future. The platform will go fully live in Q3 of 2023, likely leading to some impressive returns with plenty of room for growth in the future.

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Fight Out ($FGHT)

Fight Out

Fight Out is a revolutionary M2E (move to earn) platform that strives to enable users to earn from maintaining their active lifestyle. The creators of this platform want to make the metaverse and gamification of a fitness routine possible.

Fight Out platform wants to show users how to utilize fitness programs to help them excel. Even more important is that various rewards and incentives will prevent the loss of motivation, which is the reason for giving up in most cases. The $FGHT tokens are now being sold on a presale, so make sure you make the most of it!

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Dash 2 Trade(D2T)

Dash 2 Trade

Crypto traders have many obstacles on their way to success. Dash 2 Trade is a platform made for traders by traders who know the matter to the core. The features available on this platform prove it without question.

Some of the features that will make the lives of traders easier are trading signals that can clearly show which crypto has the potential according to all the relevant indicators. Social Analytics, Presale tokens, and watchlist alerts will surely be genuine gamechanger, which is why investing in this crypto project can help you on your way to success!

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C+Charge ($CCHG)

Electric cars are cars of the future that are slowly making their way to many people. The first issue that EV (electric car) drivers face is the defective charging station infrastructure. C+Charge program strives to build a payment system that will result in rewards for EV drivers in the form of carbon credits.

The rewards will encourage change and attract more people to opt for this environmentally sustainable choice. The $CCGH utility token presale is ongoing, so make sure you join before it ends!

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RobotEra ($TARO)

RobotEra is a multi-dimensional platform that will enable players to dive into the colorful metaverse with numerous earning opportunities. The players will have the opportunity to build the world they have always dreamed about but also earn since this platform incorporates the play2earn mechanics. There is also a chance to mine, construct, collect energy, produce and fully immerse in the world of robots.

You will find your version under the section “New Taro” where the other players’ visions will be displayed too. The token that powers this platform, $TARO, is being sold at a discounted price on presale. Make sure you join if you wish to create your dream world and earn while doing it!

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Calvaria ($RIA)

Calvaria is a card game with plenty of elements that will thrill players around the world. It will be available on PCs and mobile app stores because a free-to-play version won’t require investing in cryptocurrency. The goal is to make a game like this accessible to a larger number of people.

There is a play-to-earn version for people who would like to earn while exploring the depth of this platform. Also, there are two modes: single and Player vs. Player. The native token of this platform, $RIA, is available on presale now, so make sure you take this chance to get as many tokens as you’d like at a discounted price!

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The new crypto projects that are slowly evolving are giving investors hope that the crypto winter will end in the foreseeable future. While Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin have gone through significant price dips, the new projects have the potential to pump. Investing in Fight Out is a perfect way to earn by working on remaining fit. Dash 2 Trade can give you a competitive edge over other investors. Electric car drivers will benefit from C+Charge, while passionate players who love the play2earn concept will find RobotEra and Calvaria more than exciting!

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