10 Non-KYC Crypto Coins For 2023

Non-KYC crypto coins that allow crypto investors to make exchanges without revealing the information, yet security is provided like certain to KYC crypto exchanges.

Investors continue to have the flexibility to choose cryptocurrency exchanges that promote more anonymity by not requiring KYC, even though the majority of crypto exchanges have started implementing KYC rules. In most situations, anonymity works both ways. To avoid regulatory attention, owners of cryptocurrency coins who operate in a non-KYC manner frequently prefer to remain private. Investors must therefore have a great deal of confidence in those in charge of managing the market. As the world’s governments impose restrictions on cryptocurrency, the number of reliable, non-KYC crypto coins is decreasing by the day. However, some individuals still value their privacy above everything else and choose to invest in non-KYC cryptocurrencies discreetly. Here, we’ve compiled the best 10 non-KYC crypto coins for enthusiasts watching crypto coins for 2023.

  1. CoinEx- Trading on eternal agreements is available on CoinEx, a non-KYC exchange that also provides immediate and margin trading. The website offers a huge selection of coins and tokens, including its exclusive CET currency. Trading with this coin has advantages in the form of a collection of components. For people that use CoinEx, there are pleasing fee categories available for all those high trading activities.
  2. KuCoin- KuCoin headquartered in Singapore known for Non-KYC trading, allows investors to make a trade over three hundred plus coins. This is logged as the widest range of exchanges. With KuCoin investors get early access to projects however not bigger exchanges like Binance and Coinbase. KuCoin lets investors withdraw 1BTC in a day for non-KYC users, and 200 BTC for KYC users.
  3. HODL HODL- This crypto coin lets the users directly trade with each and does not store the funds, instead freezes them in escrow. In this way, HODL HODL does not let coins steal and minimizes the trading time. These intriguing features make the coin unique. As the platform doesn’t retain funds, it will be perceptibly compliant with procedures. For this reason, users need not fall into the scenario of submitting personal data.
  4. Local Monero- The well-established, most trusted, LocalMonero is a P2P exchange, that lets to trade directly with others, in contrast to crypto exchanges. This makes the trading process fast and efficient without any permission from the superior. The LocalMonero would not put any limit on trading.
  5. Bisq- The goal of Bisq is to offer a censorship-resistant way to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat money. To open an account on the majority of centralized exchanges, customers must provide personally identifiable information. These exchanges then associate users’ trading activities with their identities. They think that this method puts users at a very high danger of having their financial and personal information stolen, breached, or exploited in some other way. Bisq never asks for personal information, however, has some limitations to trading.
  6. LocalCryptos- LocalCryptos a non-KYC token doesn’t hold the user’s private keys and lets users sell and buy non-custodial wallets and escrow systems. As LocalCryptos relies on a P2P system, users would not be selling and purchasing coins through LocalCryptos but will involve in direct exchange with other traders.
  7. MexC- A non-KYC crypto platform, MexC is founded in 2018 and headquartered in Seychelles. This platform does not ask for KYC except for a few which are certainly important like derivative trade and crypto exchanges.
  8. Paybis- A non-KYC trading that supports beyond ten cryptocurrencies, falls under the decentralization category. This platform supports foreign currencies like Euro and US dollars. For newbies, Paybis is best as it will be easy to access without any hassle. Except that the platform asks for the ID for any kind of transaction.
  9. ChangeNOW- ChangeNOW is for experienced traders, this crypto holds a centralized Altcon that enables the swapping to facilitate faster exchanges. It associates with other parties that patronage non-KYC transactions for debit cards, which have the power to transform from foreign currency to crypto.
  10. Changelly- The best non-KYC platform for crypto exchanges which is fast, secure, and easy. The platform accessibility is simple and can be set up in three easy steps and get crypto credited in half an hour.

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