Will Cardano Withstand The Tough Bitgert Competition In 2023 –Crypto Analysts’ Opinion

Crypto experts have ranked Bitgert (BRISE) among the most disruptive and competitive crypto projects this year. From the projected ecosystem delivery and the price forecast, all indications show that $BRISE will be one of the most competitive coins in the market.

Cardano (ADA) is one of the big cryptocurrencies that crypto experts say will feel the heat from the Bitgert project. It is one of the projects that Bitgert will surpass in terms of price growth and ecosystem development in 2023. In fact, experts believe that looking at the Brise roadmap V2 2023 milestones, it will be difficult for the Cardano project to compete with it.

Even with the price growth rate, Cardano will still perform poorly against Bitgert. The price forecast for Bitgert in 2023 is a 10X growth, while $ADA might struggle to even do 2X this year.

Why Bitgert Shall Remain More Competitive in 2023

Bitgert explosive growth this year will be a continuation of 2022 performance, where the coin also outperformed Cardano and many other big coins. The fast growth of a highly disruptive blockchain ecosystem will remain the biggest driver of a bullish BRISE.

The huge utility that this ecosystem provides is one of the biggest reasons Bitgert will remain one of the most competitive coins. BRC20 blockchain is one of the products that make this project superior to Cardano.

This blockchain is superior to the Cardano chain in terms of scaling, transaction cost, and security. Therefore, its adoption will remain higher than that of the Cardano blockchain. Bitgert exchange is another utility that will make $BRISE do better than $ADA this year.

Many projects will join the Brise chain, as well as hundreds of partnerships. Therefore, we are going to see Bitgert remain super competitive against Cardano.

Bitgert Shall Reward Better Than Cardano This Year

With the projected 1000% growth this year, Bitgert will reward its holders better than Cardano. In fact, BRISE will make its investors bigger profits than Cardano by several folds. Will ADA do 2X this year? Well, this may not happen unless the market experiences a massive bullish sentiment.


Cardano will not withstand the Bitgert competition in 2023. Bitgert will remain super aggressive and will grow faster than $ADA. The BRISE hype will also remain bigger than Cardano as more disruptive Brise products launch. So for crypto enthusiasts, $BRISE would be an ideal coin to buy today.

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