Major Price Pump Predicted for Sparklo Amid Presales; HEX Coin And NEXO Continue To Rise 

Every investor in the crypto space always looks for tokens or coins that would provide substantial gains. As a result, these investors constantly change approaches and strategies to keep up with market changes. 

Because of this, investors have to add optimistic tokens to their portfolios and remove negative ones. This has led analysts to the presale gem Sparklo and other tokens with potential, like HEX Coin (HEX) and NEXO (NEXO), which have continued to rise even in unfavorable market conditions.

HEX Coin (HEX) Price Fluctuates, But Analysts Optimistic About A Continuous Uptrend 

HEX Coin (HEX) entered the crypto market with a price tag of $0.00025 in 2019, staying at that level for that year and the next. Moreover, the rampant bullish sentiment of 2021 saw the coin grow to more than $0.06 in May. 

2022 has been close to the past year in terms of price performance, as HEX Coin (HEX) remains largely unaffected by the bearish sentiment of the year. HEX Coin (HEX) trades at a price point of $0.0385058. 

Though the past 90 days have been relatively poor for HEX Coin (HEX), the 30 days chart shows a +15.91% increase. This indicates that HEX Coin (HEX) is picking up, and analysts predict that this rise will continue in the coming months, making it a good investment opportunity.

NEXO (NEXO): All Green On The Charts As Investors Take Profits 

NEXO (NEXO) token opened in 2022 with a price of $2.39 but was later reduced to $1.57 by the month’s end. In February, the price increased but dropped after the news of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, affecting the market. By April 2, 2022, NEXO (NEXO) had a price tag of $2.58, after which some market sentiments dropped. But before the end of the month, the listing on Binance pushed forward the price to $3.40. 

Subsequently, Nexo’s announcement of an additional $50m allocation pushed the price further, but it couldn’t sustain the trend as it went downhill. But NEXO (NEXO) has been taking the initiative to move forward after its downtrend as it currently trades for $0.9468923 after a +42.23% price increase in the past 90 days. Expert analysts believe that this signifies the potential of NEXO (NEXO) to make a comeback. 

Sparklo (SPRK): Presale Gem Expected To Pump In Price

Expert analysts predict that Sparklo has the potential to be among the top-performing cryptocurrency of this year and the next. Sparklo is a unique platform that allows users to trade in minted and fractionalized NFTs backed by real-world assets in gold, silver, and platinum. Investors have the option of investing in partial or complete NFTs. But an entire NFT purchase results in a real-world asset delivered to your chosen destination.

The developers of Sparklo have passed their audit with Interfi Network and will also lock its liquidity for 100 years. Furthermore, to ensure further security, the teams will also lock their token for 1,000 days showing a genuine devotion to the Sparklo protocol. 

Sparklo presale currently goes for a price of $0.013, and analysts predict the price to surge in the coming months and 2023. When looking for an investment that would provide huge gains, getting early in Sparklo presale would prove wise. 

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