Demand Spike Causes Orbeon Protocol’s Site to Crash, Solana Outages Leaves Investors Disappointed

Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), a nascent blockchain platform on the rise, experienced a major outage following an unprecedented 655% surge in demand this week. But while Orbeon Protocol investors are causing website outrages, other investors are running from the outages occurring on the Solana (SOL) blockchain.

What is Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)?

As one of the first investors in a startup, you can reap the biggest rewards. However, the first seed rounds are usually only reserved for a select few. Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) solves this problem by democratizing access to early-stage investing for anyone with an internet connection.

Equity-based NFTs are what allow Orbeon Protocol to offer this opportunity to the masses, providing liquidity and verifiable ownership rights. With Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), investors can buy fractionalized assets at low prices and allow their portfolios to scale as the company grows.

This game-changing platform is great for startups too, since it allows them to raise capital without appeasing venture capitalists or having to wait for an IPO. They can simply issue equity-based NFTs to a global network of investors and get their capital in a matter of minutes.

Smart contracts protect startup funding by taking control of the money and distributing it as needed. In fact, there are no middlemen when it comes to investing in startups with Orbeon Protocol (ORBN). Solid Proof regularly audits the smart contracts to ensure everything is above board and secure.

Why Is There So Much Demand for the ORBN Token?

Orbeon Protocol’s native token ORBN is the fuel that powers the platform and is used to pay for the services offered. But that’s not all – holding ORBN also brings exclusive benefits like reduced trading fees, access to the hottest investment opportunities, staking rewards, and more.

With so much utility baked into the ORBN token, it’s no wonder why investors are rushing to buy it up. The demand for Orbeon Protocol is so great that it has caused a surge in the trading price and an increase in website traffic. Unfortunately, this led to an unexpected outage as the system was overwhelmed by the sheer number of transactions and requests.

Thankfully, the team was able to quickly identify and solve the issue, and phase 3 continues to progress smoothly with over 10 million ORBN tokens sold at a discounted price of $0.0302 per token. Analysts predict a 60x increase from Orbeons Protocol’s initial price to $0.24 by the end of year.

What About Solana (SOL) Outages?

Meanwhile, investors in the Solana (SOL) blockchain have been experiencing outages of their own. However, these outages are on the blockchain itself, not just the website. The outages have caused significant delays in transactions on the Solana (SOL) network, leaving investors disappointed and frustrated.

There are a number of reasons for Solana’s outages, but the main culprit appears to be consistent attacks on the network. These attacks are leading to the Solana (SOL) team halting network transactions to protect the network from further malicious activity.

However, this only causes further damage to the reputation of Solana (SOL), which is now under fire for being too centralized. Should a ‘decentralized’ blockchain as big as Solana be able to start and stop its own transactions? Investors are divided on the issue, but most would agree that this is a worrying sign for Solana.

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