EOS price surges after listing of EOS/USDT on Binance

Today, the EOS price has been rallying after the EOS ecosystem achieved a major milestone with the listing of EOS/USDT on Binance.


  • The new listing allows users to seamlessly transfer USDT in and out of the EOS network.
  • It also exposes the EOS ecosystem to a huge economic activity.
  • At press time, EOS was trading at $0.9908, up 5.60% in the past 24 hours.

Binance is currently the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange and the listing of EOS/USDT offers a great opportunity for the greater EOS ecosystem. EOS users will be able to seamlessly transfer USDT in and out of the network without having to convert their USDT to EOS or use a third-party bridge.

EOS/USDT on Binance

Besides seamless transfers, the listing of EOS/USDT on Binance will also boost other EOS initiatives such as Yield+, which is a platform that offers yield incentives to EOS DeFi applications based on the value of EOS and USDT locked into their protocols. It will also make it easier for project teams building on EOS to compensate workers using the USDT stablecoin.

In general, the listing is a testament to the progress the EOS network has made in the competitive landscape of Web3 and is likely to promote EOS to become a go-to network for USDT transactions.

EOS price

The EOS price has been on a steady rise since the news broke out amid a wider crypto market recovery.

According to data from Coingecko, the price of EOS had dropped by about 12.3% in the past 30 days and the current recovery is a major boost to the EOS ecosystem.

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