Xbox thinks its game soundscapes can lull you to sleep | Engadget

Mindfulness app has a couple new audioscapes to help people relax and drift off, and they’re both from first-party games. , folks with a Calm Premium membership can chill out to the ocean vibes of  or the ambient alien noise of Zeta Halo from . It’s the first time Calm has added game-themed soundscapes, so let’s hope they’re not interrupted by yells from pirates or the Covenant.

If you aren’t already a Calm Premium member, you’ll be able to access the service for free for three months through an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription perk. After that trial ends, if you want to keep using Calm Premium, you can get 50 percent off a subscription for the first year (an annual plan usually costs $70).

Xbox says it teamed up with Calm as part of its efforts to support players’ mental health and wellbeing. It also of Game Pass titles that either address mental health issues or provide players with a sense of escapism, such as , ,  and .

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