Carbon Offset Crypto Project IMPT Announces Exchange Listing After Raising $14m – How To Invest

It’s been another massive week for IMPT – as the platform’s developers have announced their intentions to bring forward the presale end date.

With more than $14m in funding raised in just over two months, the developers have opted to end the ultra-successful presale phase early to focus on putting the final touches on the IMPT platform.

This decision has also been taken due to several major listing announcements – which will see the IMPT token hit the market for the first time in the coming weeks.

Huge Demand Leads to Presale Ending Early

There’s no doubt that IMPT’s unique use cases have caused unprecedented investor demand – yet nobody could have anticipated the scale of this demand when the presale launched.

IMPT’s presale phase was initially scheduled to last for three separate stages. A total of 600m IMPT tokens were allocated for Stage 1, whilst 660m and 540m tokens were assigned for Stages 2 and 3, respectively.

However, the Stage 1 allocation sold out in record time, with a remarkable $1m of funding being raised in the first five days. Since Stage 1 sold out, investor demand has continued to ramp up – even though the token price has increased.

As noted earlier, more than $14m in funding has been raised since the presale commenced – which has led IMPT’s team to bring forward the presale’s end date to December 11th.

This means that potential investors only have a few more days to buy IMPT tokens at a discounted price of $0.023 before they hit the market for the first time.

Given the tremendous hype surrounding the IMPT project, the decision to acquire tokens at a low price could prove fruitful if IMPT’s upcoming exchange listings are as successful as they’re forecasted to be.

Upcoming Exchange Listings Provide Platform for Price Explosion

Often, a presale crypto’s first exchange listing can provide the foundation needed for exponential price growth – and early investors are hopeful that this is the case for IMPT.

Not long after announcing the pending conclusion of the presale phase, IMPT’s team revealed that three major exchanges would soon be listing the IMPT token.

The first of these exchanges is Uniswap – the world’s largest Ethereum-based decentralized exchange (DEX). Uniswap has a stellar reputation within the trading scene and regularly handles over $450m in daily trading volume, according to CoinMarketCap.

IMPT’s tokens will be listed on Uniswap on December 14th, marking the first time that the value of these tokens will be dictated by supply and demand. It’s this factor that’s getting investors excited – as there’s a growing belief that buying pressure could be enormous once the token goes live.

However, the upcoming Uniswap listing is just the first step in IMPT’s growth trajectory. Leading centralized exchanges (CEXs) LBank and Changelly Pro have also announced that they will list IMPT in the coming weeks.

Both exchanges handle hundreds of millions of dollars of trading volume daily and enable clients to buy, sell, and trade crypto using FIAT – ensuring IMPT trading is as accessible as possible.

The liquidity these three listings will provide looks set to launch IMPT into the stratosphere. Although the crypto market downturn is still hitting investors hard, there’s undoubtedly scope for IMPT to become the biggest IEO of 2023.

Massive $100k Giveaway Has Caught the Attention

With IMPT’s Uniswap listing set for December 14th, presale investors will be able to acquire their tokens from December 12th onwards. This involves going to IMPT’s website and connecting the crypto wallet used to buy the tokens in the first place.

However, this isn’t the only event investors need to be aware of. In order to build even more hype ahead of IMPT’s market release, the development team is hosting a massive $100k giveaway – with one lucky investor being chosen to win the entire jackpot.

IMPT’s team has made the entry requirements simple, ensuring as many people as possible are given a chance to win the grand prize. The main entry requirement is that investors must hold at least $100 worth of IMPT in their crypto wallet at the time of the draw.

Additional requirements all revolve around IMPT’s socials and community. These include:

Moreover, participants can obtain extra entries simply by sharing IMPT’s content with their friends. Although the overarching goal will be to win the $100k jackpot, participants will also be actively helping grow IMPT’s community by completing these tasks – providing a solid base for the project’s expansion.. 

The Exceptional Potential of the IMPT Platform

The decision to end IMPT’s presale phase early wasn’t taken lightly – yet the development team has placed great stock in IMPT’s unique use case and agenda.

For those unaware, the IMPT platform occupies a novel area of the crypto market – one specifically focused on sustainability. Although many crypto projects have become ‘greener’ in recent years, there’s still an evident lack of projects focusing on carbon credit trading.

This is where IMPT comes in, as this environmentally-friendly project aims to leverage the power of the blockchain and make carbon credits more accessible to the masses. By doing this, IMPT seeks to empower individuals and businesses to positively impact the environment.

As per IMPT’s whitepaper, the platform will primarily accomplish this by structuring carbon credits as NFTs. Since NFTs are inherently transparent and immutable, this will naturally eliminate the ‘double spend’ problem that is an unfortunate part of the current carbon credits market.

Moreover, the decision to structure these credits as NFTs makes them easily tradable using IMPT tokens. On IMPT’s marketplace, users can buy, sell, trade, and speculate on carbon credits, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem and allowing an alternative asset class to thrive.

According to ClimateTrade, the value of the voluntary carbon credit market has quadrupled since 2020 – and has topped $2bn in 2022 alone. This highlights the growing demand for these credits, with IMPT looking set to be in pole position to meet this demand.

Another exciting aspect of the IMPT project includes partnerships with world-class brands like LEGO, Amazon, and Microsoft. By shopping with these partner brands, users will earn IMPT tokens – which they can then exchange for carbon credits.

Finally, IMPT’s team will even be launching a groundbreaking sustainability-focused social media platform. This platform will score individuals and businesses based on their environmental impact – providing a clear incentive to make more eco-friendly choices.

How to Buy IMPT Tokens Today – Quick Guide

Although IMPT’s presale is set to end on December 11th, potential investors still have a few days left to buy IMPT tokens at a discounted price.

Those interested in doing so must follow the five simple steps below:

  • Step 1 – Set Up a Crypto Wallet: Open a crypto wallet compatible with ERC-20 tokens. IMPT’s team recommends MetaMask for desktop users or Trust Wallet for mobile users.
  • Step 2 – Obtain ETH or USDT: Buy Ether (ETH) or Tether (USDT) to fund the exchange into IMPT. Investors can acquire these digital currencies through most brokers or exchanges. Alternatively, ETH can be purchased directly through IMPT’s website using a credit/debit card in conjunction with Transak.
  • Step 3 – Link Wallet to Presale: Head to IMPT’s homepage, click ‘Connect Wallet’, and follow the on-screen instructions to make the link.
  • Step 4 – Buy IMPT Tokens: Choose whether to buy IMPT using ETH or USDT, enter the number of tokens to be purchased (minimum of 10), and then confirm the transaction with the wallet provider.
  • Step 5 – Claim IMPT Tokens: From December 12th, presale investors will be able to claim their purchased tokens by linking their crypto wallet to the IMPT website and clicking the ‘Claim’ button.


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