10 Best Websites Offering Tech-Based Moonlighting Jobs in 2022

The websites offering tech-based moonlighting jobs draw a lot of people to tech and its potential

One of the things that attract many is the flexibility of working. Because many tech moonlighting jobs can be done from any place with Wi-Fi and an outlet, having tech skills opens up opportunities such as working from home full-time, and earning a livelihood through websites offering tech-based moonlighting jobs.

Moonlighting jobs, a fancy name for freelancing while working a full-time job, has become a hotly disputed topic as senior IT executives, employees, HR executives, and other stakeholders clash over the problem. Having the abilities is only one side of the issue; the other part is locating the employment, which is sometimes easier said than done. If you want to avoid contract employment and focus on obtaining a long-term career with a single organization, skip the freelancing sites and start by searching for these top tech-based moonlighting jobs. In this article, we’ll discuss the best websites for tech-based moonlighting jobs.



Upwork is a cloud-based platform that connects freelancers and clients. Users can register for free on the platform. The site charges 20% on work up to $500 in value. Higher-income levels result in a lower commission rate. They charge 10% for labor from US$500.01 to US$10,000, and 5% for earnings beyond US$10,000



Fiverr connects professionals such as authors, graphic designers, and software engineers with freelance opportunities. The platform charges a fee based on the net invoice amount ranging from US$5 to US$150. A Fiverr account may also be created for free. Service providers might enroll their services at varying charges depending on their needs. Individual service providers are ranked by the platform depending on their work experience and reviews.



The portal Guru also assists freelancers in finding side employment. Each invoice is subject to 2.9 percent processing costs. The dashboard of the platform also enables professionals to keep track of active projects, pending projects, pending applications, timetables, and so on.



Another site where clients may bid on the services of a freelancer is Freelancer. The platform charges a flat 3% fee on the total invoice amount. After submitting their job profile, freelancers may sign up for free on the site and create an account.


5.People Per Hour

This freelancing network, as the name implies, offers hourly labor. It also includes in-app communications between freelancers and clients. Based on the value of each invoice, the platform charges a fee of 5 to 20%.


6.Dribble Jobs

If you’re a designer of any type, Dribbble Work is the holy grail of remote jobs. They offer a whole category dedicated to “Remote/Anywhere” designer jobs, which include UX/UI, product design, graphic design, and other specializations.


7.Working Nomads

Do you want someone to help you with your job search? Working Nomads sends out emails on a daily or weekly basis with a handpicked list of remote employment. Simply join up for job alerts, select the areas that interest you (some examples include design, programming, and system administration), and they’ll start sending you job newsletters.


8.Skip the Drive

If you acquire a job on Skip the Drive, you may feel smug as your buddies whine about their commutes. The website works as a type of automatic job board search engine, monitoring other job sites for posts that match your category keyword and also include remote work/telecommuting. If you choose a job from the Skip the Drive list, you will be sent to another website where you may apply. You won’t miss much if you visit here regularly because it searches so many different boards. The keyword method, however, isn’t always ideal, and you may have to sift through some irrelevant or “partial” telecommuting jobs.



Women in technology frequently feel as though they are in a man’s world, but that is not the case at PowerToFly, a largely tech-focused job board site exclusively built for women. Filter results by skills, categories, job type, and more. The remote job listings can be scant pickings at times, but there is less competition here because it is aimed at a restricted audience.


10.Remote Jobs

On this site, you may look for SysOps, DevOps, WordPress, design, and development jobs; you can also filter by full-time, .part-time, contract, and other employment kinds. Keep in mind that even with all of the employment types selected, you’ll only see a few jobs posted here each week.

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