Top 10 Dark Web Analytics Tools for Network Operators

Dark web analytics tools can help cybersecurity practitioners analyze web attacks and thefts

The phenomena of the internet is constantly evolving and these developing circumstances need constant monitoring. We are all familiar with the concept of the dark web and the terrifying practices that are conducted through these platforms. Pretty much everything we do on basic internet platforms is visible, traceable, and is being monitored by government officials and other companies. However, the dark web is beyond our reach. The deep web consists of various areas that carry out malicious activities including hacking major organizations, illicit drug trades, terrorist operations, and others. For years, government institutions and businesses have been trying to develop dark web analytics tools that can help them understand how such operations are being carried out. These tools help network operators and cybersecurity practitioners to perform dark web analysis and find out what data is being stolen by these malpractitioners. Leaked data or information can cause personal and financial damage as well as reputational damage to any organization. Here, we have mentioned the top dark web analytics tools for network operators that can help them monitor and analyze businesses on the dark web and save them from potential attacks.



Cobwebs is an AI-powered dark web monitoring platform that helps companies gain situational awareness with real-time intelligent insights generated by online content monitoring. By using its automated web intelligence platforms, network analysts can identify new targets and groups, hidden data, and complete an entire investigation with ease.



DarkOwl empowers cybersecurity organizations, law enforcement, and government organizations to fully understand the security posture and detect potential breaches and violations of the law to minimize or completely eradicate cyber scams. DarkOwl aims to provide security tools against the dark web to clients across the dark net at ease. Their scam tool Vision can index the content of malicious sites all over the World Wide Web to identify data stolen from its clients.



Dashlane believes that dark web monitoring and password health belong together. By using a Levenshtein distance metric, Dashlane users can determine password similarity while keeping an eye on the credentials that might surface on the dark web. The software scans billions of accounts and passwords available in data collections on the dark web and flags victim accounts with a prompt to take action.



With over 25 million users, LastPass guarantees protection even if the user is not logged in. The platform monitors accounts and sends alerts if any information has been leaked. It also promises efficient web monitoring as part of its LastPass Security Dashboard.


SpyCloud ATP Prevention

SpyCloud offers two types of services for account takeover prevention, one would be to cover the employees of the companies and the other to protect the customers from scamming online services. The tool is basically an identity protection service with a different version that is entirely dedicated to businesses. The system gathers account names and adds them automatically to dark web scanners.


Digital Stakeout

Digital Stakeout offers Scout, a dark web threat intelligence service that includes workflows and machine learning to detect illicit practices on the network. It is basically a network-based intrusion detection system that analyzes malicious behavior and refers to a database filled with suspicious addresses to find out the culprit.



Defendify is a pioneering multi-purpose dark web analysis tool that aids organizations with growing security needs. The application is backed by experts who offer insights and help businesses with guidance and support to emerge out of a situation. With the help of Defendify, organizations can streamline cybersecurity assessments, testing policies, training, detection, and response through compact and affordable cybersecurity solutions


Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

The Flashpoint Intelligence Platform offers access to its archive of finished intelligence reports, including data from illicit communities and chat services, along with pertinent technical data. The platform delivers prominent intelligence that empowers organizational teams to make more informed decisions and mitigate risks across their entire organization.


Recorded Future

Recorded Future combines automated analytics with human expertise to the various open-source, dark web, technical sources, and original research. The platform provides security teams to companies with all the required information to amplify their security programs. Its machine learning and NLP integrations instantly create links from sites on the dark web to other threat sources.


ACID Cyber Intelligence

The ACID cyber intelligence service gathers threat intelligence from social networks, criminal sites, and chat systems from the Deep Web or the Dark Web. The information found from these sources will allow professionals to warn their clients of any threats that maybe about to occur and also any previous data leaks that have occurred.

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