Camila Russo Wrote A Book On Ethereum’s Origin. Will Her Next Publication Feature Big Eyes Coin And Dogecoin?

Camila Russo Wrote A Book On Ethereum’s Origin. Will Her Next Publication Feature Big Eyes Coin And Dogecoin?

by Market Trends November 26, 2022

A renowned journalist in the crypto sphere, Camila Russo is frequently seen commenting on industry trends, the crypto market’s history and its future. Her book ‘The Infinite Machine’, an origin story about the Ethereum Network (ETH), is a bestseller and has received widespread critical acclaim. The book’s popularity propelled the veteran filmmaker Ridley Scott to buy the rights and make a film out of the phenomenal origin story. In a way, blockchain technology will finally be making its debut in Hollywood narratives.

However, there’s a reason why Camila Russo chose Ethereum as the subject of the book and not the cryptocurrency pioneer Bitcoin (BTC). The reason is simple: Ethereum worked on the ideas of the BTC network and created an ecosystem that worked better than the pioneer itself.

As the world gets more interested in the world of cryptocurrencies, the demand for more books on the subject will evidently skyrocket. In such exciting times for the crypto market, will Camila Russo’s next book feature Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) presale success and Dogecoin’s (DOGE) unprecedented market capitalisation?

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Dogecoin Will Surely Make A Good Ironical Comedy

It isn’t easy to do what Camila has done with her book: to weave a compelling narrative. Dogecoin, a meme coin launched to mock Bitcoin, could interest Camila’s curious mind. After all, Dogecoin is a success story like none other. Even after being launched as a joke, the meme coin rose to $84B in its market capitalisation.

Camila might find Dogecoin’s origin story fascinating: a meme coin that wasn’t supposed to be taken seriously, redefined the crypto market with its utility features. To be fair, the Dogecoin community worked extremely hard to reach where they are today. Of course, the celebrity attention that Dogecoin got on social media from the likes of Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg only worked in its favour.

Currently, Dogecoin is stumbling in the market. But if market analysts are to be believed, one cannot write off this dog-themed coin just yet. As they say, experienced horses win the races.


Big Eyes Coin Has All The Elements To Make A Good Story

Big Eyes Coin’s Cute Cat NFTs

With an irresistibly cute cat mascot and a community that is fully decentralised, Big Eyes Coin has created a name for itself in a short span of time. Currently, in stage 6, the cat-themed token has raised more than $10M so far and is refusing to stop. Investors have shown immense promise in Big Eyes Coin’s excellent roadmap and utility features.

Camila Russo might be interested in its one-stop-shop features. Running on the Ethereum network, Big Eyes Coin is not only a DeFi meme token, but also plans to launch an NFT club that will allow users to exchange digital assets.

As a futuristic coin, Big Eyes Coin has secured CEX (centralised exchange) launch. Camila, in the past, has praised CEX platforms as they are easier to navigate and easy to use.

As a journalist, Camila might also be interested in covering Big Eyes Coin’s sustainability initiatives. As oceans are filling up with plastic pollution, it is imperative that cryptocurrencies should work according to their corporate social responsibilities; hence, Big Eyes Coin has pledged to donate to ocean preservation projects and underwater national parks.


To Summarise

Big Eyes

“I always wanted to write my book in a way that it read like fiction; I wanted it to read like a novel,” Camila said while talking about her book ‘The Infinite Machine’. Big Eyes Coin provides her with an excellent backstory of the big-eyed cat’s origin, parents, upbringing and also motivations. Certainly, Big Eyes Coin could feature in her next book.

Big Eyes Coin is making headlines and has created a significant buzz in the crypto market. Consider investing in its presale for maximum returns.

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