Sustainable Yield Will Be The Next Big Thing In DeFi, Oryen Network Is Here, Forget Convex And Aave

Within DeFi, sustainability is still an uncommon characteristic. With frequent crypto market fluctuations, yields remain only briefly before investors have to shift their liquidity in pursuit of better alternatives.

Unlike Convex (CVX) or Aave (AAVE), Oryen (ORY) is setting a new standard by providing a consistent APY to all investors. This will definitely lead to rapid growth of the platform.



Oryen is a new initiative that promises value support and a fixed yield. You earn an APY of 90%, compounded every 60 minutes, by holding ORY tokens. The Oryen Network team has developed a wallet called RFV (Risk-Free-Value) to support the token’s value and guarantee that both its price and the promised yield are maintained.

The trading of the token itself will provide value for the RFV wallet, establishing a constructive feedback loop that promotes long-term sustainability.

Oryen has gained a lot of recognition from top youtubers within the Crypto world. Thus, compared to the cryptocurrency projects discussed below, this is a significantly better alternative.


Aave (AAVE)

Aave is a well-known Ethereum-based loan platform. It’s still one of the best use cases for a DeFi protocol in the real world since it allows investors using cryptocurrency to collateralize quick access to loans. However, Aave, which saw a significant increase during the last bull run, is currently underperforming and stagnating in its price movement. We do not see this ever hitting another all-time high price without alternate use cases.


Convex Finance (CVX)

Convex Finance (CVX) is a DeFi platform that increases benefits for stakeholders and liquidity providers on a simple platform.

An individual cannot, however, stake a sufficient amount of liquidity to receive the full payout. Convex Finance (CVX) combines the resources of different investors and gains from their combined liquidity. These stakers get a part of the CRV trading fees, the interest rate on the liquidity they offer, the enhanced Convex rewards, and Convex (CVX) tokens.



Oryen wonderfully encapsulates the finest of DeFi complex coding systems to provide investors with a straightforward and effective product. The upside potential for this project continues to be astounding as it takes the lead with a fixed rate, which is rare in DeFi.


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