New token builds ROI ecosystem – will Twitter do same with Dogecoin?

All eyes were on Dogecoin as Elon Musk entered Twitter HQ ready to shake up the status quo.

The price of Dogecoin pumped 150% to hit $0.15 – before crashing back down to under $0.08. Dogecoin is still up from $0.06 where it was before the Twitter takeover. Evidently, thousands of Dogecoin investors are holding out on hopes that DOGE will play a major role in Twitter.

But how likely is that? And how much would it benefit Dogecoin long-term?

These questions are important for long-term investors. Especially as a new token – EverGrow – has built what looks like the crypto ecosystem the industry has been waiting for. 

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EverGrow ecosystem ramps up burn rate by 5,750%

What would a true DeFi ecosystem look like?

EverGrow has just given a select group of investors an insight. EverGrow launched an NFT marketplace in September – LunaSky – and announced that 100% of revenue will be used to buy EverGrow and burn it from supply.

The burn started on November 9th. The burn so far has been a 5,750% increase on October and would put EverGrow on track to hit a price range of $0.0001 to $0.1 within the next decade. EverGrow is worth just $0.00000009 today.

That’s an ROI at least 110,000% – i.e. 100x any investment you make today.

The burn rate could get even faster in 2023 as EverGrow’s next application drops. Crator is a social media app and content subscription platform which lets users earn crypto for their great content. Crator will compete with OnlyFans and Patreon with its low commissions and instant payouts. 

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EverGrow has paid $38 million in passive income

EverGrow also pays passive income. To understand how it works, we need to look at the EverGrow transaction tax of 14%:

  • 8% is converted into Binance USD and paid to all holders – $38 million paid to date
  • 2% is used to buy back and burn EverGrow – 5% of the circulating supply burned in the past 12 months
  • 2% is used to fund the EGC/BNB liquidity pair on PancakeSwap
  • 2% is used for ecosystem development

The tax is high. But the ecosystem more than makes up for it. Currently the revenue from LunaSky and Crator will be used to buyback and burn EverGrow – but at a future date the EverGrow boss and financial professional Sam Kelly has said the app revenue could be used 100% to reward users in BUSD.

A DeFi ecosystem where you earn from the everyday revenue?

That’s what EverGrow is offering as an alternative to wild price speculation over Dogecoin and Twitter. 

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Will Twitter accept DOGE – how will it work?

Nothing is set in stone about Twitter and Dogecoin. The closest idea investors have is by looking at Tesla merchandise online, which can be paid for in Dogecoin.

Twitter could well do a similar thing. It could allow for payment of the Twitter Blue subscription for example in Dogecoin, or let people tip each other in Dogecoin. All other ideas about building Twitter on the Dogecoin blockchain and more have been discredited by Musk himself.

Which means, nothing is certain about Twitter helping Dogecoin long-term.

In fact – Binance invested $500 million into Musk’s takeover of Twitter. This makes Binance the fourth-largest investor and gives it sway over any crypto integrations into the platform. If any crypto were to be used on Twitter it’s far more likely to be BNB than Dogecoin.

This, as it happens, would be fantastic for EverGrow.

EverGrow has pulled its liquidity from centralised exchanges, so the only place to buy it is on PancakeSwap through a BNB/EGC liquidity pair. Any rise in the BNB price raises also the EverGrow price.

It’s a no brainer that EverGrow has both the ecosystem and the potential to beat Dogecoin on ROI in the next few years. Anyone buying EverGrow today will access the token before months of burning ramp the price up significantly – and other investors catch on.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of the year!

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