Best Metaverse Tokens to Invest in December 2023: Gala (GALA), Tron (TRX), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

Best Metaverse Tokens to Invest in December 2023: Gala (GALA), Tron (TRX), and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN)

by Market Trends November 24, 2022

Since Meta (Facebook) revealed its intentions of creating a virtual iteration of our real world – the word metaverse has been the trending buzzword. Blockchain projects have started embracing the new idea, having incorporated web3 and metaverse in their roadmap activities to boost their token’s use case and utility. As a result, metaverse tokens present untapped opportunities to investors in 2023. These include Gala (GALA), Tron (TRX) and Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), which is notably expected to surge by over 6000% in presale.



Orbeon Protocol – Decentralized Crowdfunding Opportunities in the Metaverse

Orbeon Protocol is a decentralized crowdfunding platform that provides easy fundraising opportunities for real-world and virtual startups.

Orbeon Protocol differs from regular and traditional crowdfunding platforms. The aim is to improve how startups fund their ideas by seamlessly connecting them with everyday investors. It promotes web3 and the metaverse by using equity-based NFTs to act as the fundraising vehicle on the platform, allowing users to easily invest in fractionalized NFTSs at an extremely affordable price. This can start from as low as $1.

Due to its practicality in the real world and the metaverse, the Orbeon token (ORBN) is seeing massive demand during presale It is useful for gaining rights and perks within the platform – including decision-making power, access to Orbeon Protocol’s private investment circles, and lower fees when making transactions. The token will also be useful for Orbeon Protocol’s metaverse platform in the future.

Investors are swarming the ORBN presale which is currently in phase 2, and is expected to rise by over 6000% in the coming months. This price action has already been seen by investors, as the price of ORBN has risen from $0.009 to $0.014 in the past week.



Gala (GALA) – Gala Gaming Metaverse

Gala (GALA) is the ERC-20 native and utility token of the Gala Games ecosystem – a decentralized play-to-earn gaming and entertainment ecosystem. As a utility token, GALA supports a lot of utility functions within Gala Games, particularly as legal tender that powers economic activities.

So far, Gala Games has released dozens of games, with more than 600 million active players recorded earlier this year. GALA token, issued in November 2021, has risen significantly by at least 1000%. Its market capitalization is currently at $240 million.

However, compared to other popular metaverse tokens, GALA is relatively undervalued, and experts think its value may rise soon. The token, which is trading at $0.03, was speculated to reach $0.5 to $0.7, about a 2000% rise in the coming years.


Tron (TRX) – MegaCryptoPolis

Tron is a Singapore-based decentralized blockchain platform that focuses on promoting and improving the global entertainment system with excellent cost-effective digital content. The Tron network cuts off intermediaries and paves the way for content creators and artists to connect with their audience and sell their content directly to them.

Earlier this year, Tron announced its plan to build a metaverse and a play-to-earn blockchain-based city-building game called MegaCryptoPolis. The metaverse will allow players to engage in economic activities and trade gaming items with Tron’s native token, TRX. The token is also used to pay Tron creators at little to no cost.

Tron peaked at $0.22 in the crypto bull run of January 2018 from its $0.002 launch price, about a 10,000% rise. The token currently trades at $0.06, with a decent price loss of 25% this year. In fact, its market capitalization stands at $5.1 billion, and analysts have speculated that its price might break $1 in the long term.



With the considerable attention surrounding the metaverse, it is no surprised that projects and tokens with potential in the metaverse have seen tremendous demand as investors scramble to get in before the token’s price surges. Existing ones like Gala (GALA) and Tron (TRX) are at their yearly lows, due to a lack of usability in the metaverse and the real world. However, there has been some bullish momentum from projects like Orbeon Protocol (ORBN), which has been predicted to see 60x returns as the project revolutionizes the metaverse with democratized venture capital investment.


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